KFPS Royal Friesian

Koninklijke Vereniging "Het Friesch Paarden-Stamboek"
Oprijlaan 1
9205 BZ  Drachten
Postbus 624
9200 AP  Drachten
The Netherlands
tel.: 00-31-512 - 523888
fax: 00-31-512 - 532146
website: www.kfps.nl


e-mail addresses:

General                         mail@kfps.nl 
Inspection                      inspectie@kfps.nl
Finances                        financien@kfps.nl 
Breeding committee       fokkerijraad@kfps.nl 
Phryso                           phryso@kfps.nl

Personnel studbook office

Marijke Akkerman
Function: Interim director, manager PR & Communication (member MT)
Tasks: events, PR-team, Communication inland - abroad, 
sponsorship , website and marketing
E-mail: marijkeakkerman@kfps.nl


Nynke Bakker
Function: manager finance (member MT)
Tasks: finance, personal affairs
E-mail: nynkebakker@kfps.nl

Eveline van Kooten
Function: executive secretary
Tasks: association affairs, board affairs, DNA-testing and co-ordination offspring evaluation
E-mail: evelinevankooten@kfps.nl


Greta Boomsma
Function: administrative co-worker finances
Tasks: creditors and payments / collection
E-mail: gretaboomsma@kfps.nl


Belinda van der Woude
Function: reception 
Tasks: reception
E-mail: mail@kfps.nl


Annet Wouda
Function: co-worker studbook registration and PR
Tasks: reception and PR
E-mail: annetwouda@kfps.nl


Ina van der Lei
Function: co-worker studbook registration 
Tasks: birth registration, process inspections and issue of passports 
E-mail: inavanderlei@kfps.nl


Trijnie Duin
Function: co-worker studbook registration 
Tasks: organisation inspections, co-ordination inspection and jury and covering adminstration
E-mail: trijnieduin@kfps.nl


Renie Koster
Function: co-worker studbook registration 
Tasks: transfer of documents 
E-mail: reniekoster@kfps.nl