KFPS Royal Friesian

The objective of the Royal Friesian Club is to encourage the mutual transfer of knowledge between Friesian horse enthusiasts and sponsors.  Twice a year a network meeting is organised to discuss a wide range of subjects centred around ‘the Friesian horse’. One meeting takes place during the annual KFPS Stallion Inspection and once a year an excursion is held on location.


During the first excursion on October 11th 2013 the Club visited Stalhouderij de Zadelhoff in Breukelen where Mr C. van Zadelhoff, MA,  gave a fascinating presentation about his business DTZ Zadelhoff and his passion for ‘The Friesian Horse’. During the 2014 Stallion Inspection, bestseller author Dan Brown gave a talk about his work and passion for ‘the Friesian breed’. That same year the Royal Friesian Club also visited the Royal Stables in the presence of KFPS Chairman and Equerry of the Royal Stables´ Unit Mr Bert Wassenaar. In 2015 the Royal Friesian Club was invited to Landgoed (Country Estate,ed.) Culitsrode in Hooge Mierde where the Academy Bartels is located. On the programme were a tour around the wonderful accommodation as well as a clinic by Imke Schellekens-Bartels with the Friesian stallion Anders 451.

To be able to take part in these meetings and events you are required to become a member of the Royal Friesian Club. At the cost of an annual contribution of € 200.- per year you can join the Royal Friesian Club. If you are interested in joining this enjoyable club please send your application by mail to mail@kfps.nl. Only KFPS members are eligible to join the Royal Friesian Club.