KFPS Royal Friesian

Sponsoring, a win-win situation

The Koninklijk Friesch Paarden-Stamboek is the association which devotes itself to the promotion of the Friesian horse, The Royal Friesian. This is done on behalf of its 11,000 members in over seventy countries. The combination of for example the strong, unique brand of the Friesian horse together with all the events with the Friesian horse in the spotlight offer companies and sponsors an exclusive opportunity to present themselves to an interesting target group.

Brand association
The Friesian horse stands for key values such as royalty, power, elegance and reliability. The Friesian horse generates sympathy. The KFPS introduces the possibility for companies and sponsors to use the protected brand name of the Friesian horse to enhance their image.

The KFPS organises a variety of events which highlight the many-sided aspects of the Friesian horse, with the annual Stallion Inspection being the most prominent manifestation. For this event the best Friesian horses and over 25,000 - 35,000 enthusiasts from all over the world flock to this meeting in Leeuwarden. In addition to all inspections and clinics, the event hosts a gala evening in which the Friesian horse is put at centre stage in a spectacular theatre show which is hugely popular with a wide audience.

Promotional marketing
During the events the KFPS offers their partners and sponsors a wide range of opportunities for promotional marketing.
The opportunities for working at customer relations go further than just the equine sectors, because the show programme of the Stallion Inspection is an exquisite moment to invite a broad clientele for an evening of cultural entertainment.

• The Stallion Inspection will be broadcast live by Omrop Fryslân which is followed by thousands of people all around the world via live streaming.
• The Friesian horse is intensely monitored by the media. Each month the KFPS website (www.kfps.nl) receives more than a million page views.
• Phryso, the monthly KFPS magazine has a total of 6,500 subscribers.
• Foreign members and interested parties receive a digital newsletter in English and Spanish.
• The KFPS has actively embraced social media.
• A promotional video of the Friesian horse on YouTube has reached five million views within the last eighteen months. (http://youtu.be/Y5XJbSqwriM).

The KFPS is offering her sponsors the opportunity to promote themselves on these media.

Direct marketing
Together, all KFPS members make up an interesting target group. People with a shared passion but with a great variety in background, ranging from people who are professionally into horses to entrepreneurs with a fascinating hobby. The KFPS is offering her sponsors the opportunity to present themselves to these members via direct marketing.

Royal Friesian Club
In the year 2013, the King´s Commissioner of Fryslân, John Jorritsma kicked off a networking club which focuses on the Friesian horse, the Royal Friesian Club. During the annual meeting of the Royal Friesian Club the Stallion Inspection will be officially opened by hosting an interesting speaker. In the course of the year additional meetings will be held at noteworthy companies or institutions. We aim to bring together and unite businessmen who are fans of the Friesian horse.

In addition to existing activities and events the KFPS sets out to organise tailor-made programmes for (potential) clients or assistants of companies and sponsors. This could be hacking out with a four-in-hand of Friesian horses, a driving course for novices, an introduction to The Friesian Horse or the presentation of a show programme. The KFPS and its members can turn their hand to just about anything.








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