KFPS Royal Friesian

Due to ever-increasing mechanisation in agriculture horses quickly became redundant in the 1950s. Therefore the Friesian breed has certainly teetered on the brink of extinction. Thanks to breeding chapters the Friesian horse has survived to become the only remaining purebred horse breed in the Netherlands. This is a feat we all have every reason to be proud of.
A number of fixed club activities, such as breeding days, are at the centre of the social life of the associations. In addition to this the chapters annually organise a couple of meetings to bring the members up to speed with regard to breeding issues, as well as gatherings to talk about the use of the Friesian horse. The different groups and numbers of horses entered for breeding days underwent some changes over the years. In former days the authentic breeding day classes such as yearlings, 2-year-olds, Star mares, Model mares and breeding groups were traditionally well-attended. These days the so-called Studbook classes (foals, Foal Book mares and Studbook mares for upgrading) have proportionally more entries. With this tendency breeding days have gradually inched closer to being Studbook inspections, but still breathe the charm and atmosphere of the genuine breeding days. However, the programme during breeding days has changed over the years, especially the afternoon programme has become a mixture with working classes. Initially there were mainly show elements, but later breeding day classes were introduced such as best riding horse and best show driving horse. The breeding chapters collectively organise dressage- and driving competitions which lead to a final championship at the end of the season. They also organise the Pavo Fryso Bokaal / Young Friesian Horses with Dressage and Show Driving Aptitude classes where tickets for the Central Inspection can be won.
The breeding chapters are united in the consultative body De Twaalf (The Twelve, ed.). They collectively act on behalf of the interest of all members. Twice a year they meet with the Studbook to discuss matters related to breeding chapters, for instance uniformity concerning the organisation of breeding days. In addition to breeding chapters in Belgium and Germany there are ten breeding chapters in the Netherlands.



Breeding Associations: 
"Groningen-Drenthe Combinatie", Peize e.o.
Secretary  Mrs. J. van der Ark
E-mail: info@pieterwijbenga.nl
website: www.fokvereniginggroningendrenthe.nl


"Het Friesche Paard Midden-Nederland", Ermelo e.o.

Secretary: Marlies Bloemendal 
e-mail: secretariaat@frieschepaardmn.com 
website:  https://frieschepaardmn.com

"Het Friese Paard", Wolvega e.o.
Secretary Mrs. M. Herder
e-mail: herderbrouwer@hotmail.com
website: www.friesepaardwolvega.nl


"Het Friese Paard in Noord- en Zuid Holland"
Secretary Mrs A. Glas
e-mail: fokvereniging.nzh@hotmail.com
website: www.frieschepaard.nl


"It Fryske Greidhynder", Oldeboorn e.o.
Chairman Mr. B. Aerts
e-mail: bart@itfryskegreidhynder.nl
website: www.itfryskegreidhynder.nl


"It Fryske Hynder", Sneek e.o.
Secretary Mrs. J. Heida
e-mail: info@itfryskehynder.eu
website: www.itfryskehynder.eu


"Ta it Bihâld", Noord-Oost Friesland
Secretary Mr. A. van der Zee
e-mail: ta-it-bihald@hetnet.nl
website: www.ta-it-bihald.nl


"Het Friesche Paard" Zuid Nederland
Secretary Mr. J. Raaijmakers
e-mail: secretariaat@friesepaardzuidnederland.nl
website: www.friesepaardzuidnederland.nl


"Het Friesch Paard Limburg"
Secretary Mrs. A. Hendriks
email: secretariaat@hetfrieschpaardlimburg.com
website: www.hetfrieschpaardlimburg.com


'Vereniging Friesch paard Oost Nederland'.

President: Karin Hendriks
Secretary: Sabrina van der Kuil-Groos, tel: 06-48932767
email: frieschpaard-twenteachterhoek@live.nl
website: http://fvfrieschepaardtwenteachterhoek.jimdo.com/