KFPS Royal Friesian

1 Objective
The regulations allow stallions with outstanding results in any of the equestrian sport disciplines to be eligible for approval without having to participate in a 70-day programme of performance testing. 


2 Sports-related criteria
To be eligible for such an evaluation, a stallion must be successful at a high level in any of the sport disciplines.
The requirements are as follows:
- Dressage: Competing at Prix St. Georges level with a minimum of 3 scores of at least 60%.
- Driving dressage: ZZ level (just below Prix St. Georges level) with 30 winning points.
- Show driving: Competing in categories I and II of the Honorary Class and categories III and IV Open Class  with at least 75 winning points in this class.
- For stallions in foreign countries comparable achievements are required (to be assessed by the Stallion Inspection Jury).
- For other disciplines comparable achievements are required (to be assessed by the Stallion Inspection Jury).


3 Supplementary requirements
To take part in the Short Test a stallion must be at least 7 years old.


4 Evaluation criteria
The criteria for evaluating a stallion are as follows:
- Pedigree/lineage
- Exterior
- Movement
- Semen quality 
- X-ray testing
- Clinical examination
- Character
- Hereditary defects
The requirements for stallions who are eligible are in line with the requirements as laid down in the Regulations Stallion Inspection.


5 Procedure
Procedure of the regulations is as follows:
Application: The owner can submit an application to the KFPS for evaluation on the basis of these regulations. The Stallion Inspection Jury will evaluate whether the stallion is eligible for assessment on the basis of his sports achievements. The jury is entitled to refuse a stallion for assessment even when this stallion has met the sports-related criteria.
Evaluation: The evaluation of a stallion includes the following stages: 
-assessment of movement The jury assesses the stallion at least once in the discipline in which the stallion is competing and for which it has met the sports-related criteria. This assessment can take place during an official competition or at a location indicated by the KFPS. The purpose of such an assessment is to evaluate the stallion’s natural basic movement.
-assessment of the exterior. The stallion’s exterior will be assessed once by the jury during an in-hand presentation. This will take place during the Stallion Performance test.
-clinical examination. The clinical examination of the stallion is conducted by a veterinarian appointed by the KFPS. This examination will take place at the same time as the assessment of the exterior or at another time/location determined by the KFPS. The veterinarian will provide the Stallion Inspection Jury with recommendations.
- X-ray and semen testing. X-ray testing and semen testing will take place in the same way and at the same locations as indicated in the Regulations Stallion Inspection.
- DNA testing 
The schedule and order of all assessment elements are determined in consultation with the stallion’s owner. The assessment of the exterior takes place at the Stallion Performance test.  On the basis of some elements of the evaluation, the Stallion Inspection Jury has the right to reject a stallion for the Short Test.

Taking into account all assembled information, the Stallion Inspection Jury determines whether or not a stallion will be admitted to the Short Test.

It is possible to lodge an appeal against the decision of the Stallion Inspection Jury. This appeal should be submitted in writing to the KFPS within 14 days of the announcement of the jury’s decision. The stallion will then be re-inspected by the re-inspection jury.
The KFPS will decide time and location for the re-inspection (not on the same day). If a stallion is selected the re-inspection jury will advise the Board with regard to registration after completion of the Short Test.

Short Test
Once the stallion has been selected for the Short Test, this test will take place at the first coming Stallion Performance test. The procedures for the Short Test are described in Article 6.

Final conclusion
On the basis of the results of the Short Test, the Stallion (Re-)Inspection Jury will advise as to whether or not the stallion should be registered in the studbook. The Governing Board of the KFPS will base its decision about registration on this advice. The Stallion (Re-)Inspection Jury will process the results and publish the final report.

6 Short Test
6.1 Time period
The Short Test will take place during a 2-week period.
6.2 Location
The Short Test will take place at the last two weeks of the Stallion Performance test, at a location defined by the KFPS.
6.3 Clinical examination 
The stallion will undergo a clinical examination both on checking in and on checking out.
6.4 Stables
The floor of the stable will have a straw bedding. Other materials are very rarely used and if so only when this proves to be absolutely necessary. Such a change will be noted in the examination report.
6.5 Feed
During the time of the examination, the stallion will receive three feeds a day consisting of cubes and oats with twice-daily portions of hay and/or haylage. The quantities of the feed will vary per stallion and will be adjusted to suit individual needs. 
6.6 Vaccinations
The stallion must be up-to-date with influenza and rhinopneumonitis inoculations.
6.7 Forbidden substances
During the time of the examination the stallion must be free from any forbidden substances.
6.8 Responsibility
The location selected by the KFPS  will be responsible for the stallion´s care during his stay at the scene of the examination.
The KFPS and the designated facilities with the inclusion of its officials and staff cannot be held responsible for any damages either directly or indirectly incurred as a result of participating in the Short Test unless these are due to gross negligence or purposely inflicted.
The KFPS will insure each stallion for the amount of € 50,000 for damages caused by fire, lightning strokes, theft, burglaries and breakouts (the only damages that fall within KFPS liability).

Should owners deem it necessary to insure a stallion for other kinds of damages (e.g. diseases or accidents), this will be their own responsibility.

The KFPS cannot be held responsible for the consequences of the outcome of the examination with regard to the stallion.

On entering the stallion for the examination the owner accepts all conditions of the examination as laid down in these conditions, and the owner proclaims that neither the owner nor his/her assignee will contest the conditions of the examination at any time during or after the examination.  

6.9 Evaluation
The Short Test is a two-week examination during which the stallion will be evaluated on character with respect to stable manners as well as during work. During the examination the horse will be trained every day either by its owner or by a rider/driver appointed by the owner. Once during the examination, the horse will be ridden/driven by another rider/driver. The examination report will be drawn up by a person appointed by the KFPS. The report will include the findings of the veterinarian. 

7 Additional conditions
After approval of stallions who are registered on the basis of the regulations ‘evaluation of sport stallions for studbook registration’ the same procedures will apply as for stallions who are registered by means of the Stallion Inspection and Central Examination. These procedures include progeny testing and annual semen testing.

8 Costs for the evaluation of sport stallions
The evaluation costs are listed on the KFPS list of fees. If a stallion is not selected for the Short Test, this fee will be reduced. 


Spring 2014