KFPS Royal Friesian


  • This Code of Conduct applies to all officials; the members of the Member Council, the members of the Board, the members of the various councils and committees as stated in article 24 of the Statutes, the Direction and staff and for anyone who acts on behalf of or for the purpose of the KFPS.
  • Officials of the KFPS have a specific responsibility to uphold the integrity and the reputation of the KFPS.
  • This integrity means that the person concerned assumes the responsibility inherent to the function and confirms the willingness to render account to the KFPS.
  • Specific additional rules apply to Inspectors and Jury members under the terms of article 24 of the KFPS Statutes which are stated under Additional rules for inspectors and Jury members.


All officials

  1. Scope of application
    1. This Code of Conduct applies to all officials within the KFPS and anyone who acts on behalf of or for the purpose of the KFPS.
    2. The Code of Conduct is publicly available and can be consulted by third parties.
    3. On taking office the officials will receive a copy of the Code of Conduct and by accepting the function of KFPS official confirm to accept this Code of Conduct.
    4. In situations not covered by the Code of Conduct or when the application thereof is unclear, consultation will take place by the Board of the KFPS.


  1. Values and conduct
    1. The KFPS has a culture map with values and conduct which all officials subscribe to and shall act accordingly. Officials represent the KFPS and this puts them in a position with a specific and joint responsibility to bind the society.
    2. Connectedness; Together we work towards connectedness and a united society for the benefit of the Friesian horse so that we communicate a positive atmosphere as a society.
    3. Reliability; All obtained information and/or knowledge is treated with integrity, confidentiality and care. This takes place  in compliance with the Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming ((AVG), General Data Protection Regulation, ed.). Agreements and commitments are honoured.
    4. Respect; Every person is treated with respect and dignity. Officials are role models for others and show respect for each other´s responsibilities and authority.
    5. Professionalism; Officials have taken note of the Statutes, regulations and KFPS Policy and shall observe these.
    6. Officials are answerable and responsible for their conduct and if so requested shall be held accountable to the KFPS as referred to in this Code of Conduct.


  1. Conflict of interest
    1. Any existence of a conflict of responsibilities within the KFPS or conflict of interest between general KFPS- and personal interests, either positive or negative, shall be avoided. Personal interests include interests stemming from industrial activities of the official which are in any way related to the Friesian horse.
    2. It is not allowed to accept, demand or request any personal advantage or preferential treatment relating to the services of or on behalf of the KFPS, the same applies to services by third parties.
    3. Any imminent conflict of interest shall be reported forthwith.


  1. Additional functions
    1. Any activities that may potentially affect the KFPS shall be reported.
    2. Additional functions that may harm the KFPS or have a negative impact on how the official operates within his/her function, are not allowed.


  1. Gifts
    1. Officials are held to exercise restraint with regard to accepting gifts and donations.
    2. It is not permitted to demand, request or accept any gifts or donations of a mandatory character.
    3. The acceptance of little gifts of basically little monetary value that only have an everyday, commonplace character and are meant to express somebody´s gratitude, are permitted.


  1. Means
    1. Means have to be used properly and only for the purpose for which they were obtained.
    2. The obtained means shall not be used to undertake activities for personal account or the account of third parties.


  1. Social Media
    1. Social Media can contribute positively to the KFPS. Officials are allowed to share knowledge and information, provided the information is not confidential and does not harm the society or persons concerned.
    2. The way in which Social Media are used must be in compliance with the Code of Conduct. Any communication must be in keeping with the values and conduct as stated in the culture map of the KFPS.
    3. When using Social Media the official shall respect the principles of confidentiality, right of ownership, copyright, laws and regulations.
    4. Any use of Social Media takes place in a personal capacity, in case of work-related subjects always by stating society and function.
    5. In the context of a personal blog and/or channel it must be made clear that publications are in a personal capacity.
    6. In case the use of Social Media, in any form, becomes disruptive or is likely to become disruptive this must be reported immediately to the Board or Direction of the KFPS.


  1. Other
    1. To strengthen integrity awareness in all officials the focus must at all times be on the Code of Conduct and integrity. Integrity is inherent to all aspects of employment, operations and human resources policy: recruitment, selection and introduction of officials and staff, work instructions, work meetings, education and training, performance- and exit interviews.




  1. Compliance
    1. The Integrity Committee, the Confidential Committee, the Board and the Direction of the KFPS have the authority to take a disciplinary measure against a person in response to a violation of the Code of Conduct. In case of a severe violation the Board is authorised to report the member in question to the Disciplinary Committee following which the report shall lead to disciplinary procedures to which the Disciplinary Regulations shall apply.
    2. If the Code of Conduct is violated by a member of the Member Council, the Integrity Committee is authorised to take a disciplinary measure.
    3. If the Code of Conduct is violated by a member of the Board, the Confidential Committee is authorised to take a disciplinary measure.
    4. If the Code of Conduct is violated by an official, the Board is authorised to take a disciplinary measure.
    5. If the Code of Conduct is violated by a member of the Staff, the Direction is authorised to take a disciplinary measure.


Additional rules Inspectors and Jury members


  • Pursuant to article 24 stipulation 3 of the KFPS Statutes, the members of the Inspection, Stallion (Re)Inspection Committee, Performance Jury and the Exterior Jury are held to comply with the regulations of the Code of Conduct for Inspectors and Jury members.
  • In accordance with the Byelaws, the members of the Inspection and the Jury are tasked with carrying out inspections conform Studbook Regulations.
  • This Code of Conduct aims to provide transparency of interests and to guarantee objectivity of inspections.


  1. Loyalty
    1. Inspectors and Jury members are loyal to the society and each other.
    2. At inspections they act on a cooperative basis and as one committee.
    3. Criticism of fellow Jury members is strictly only voiced to the Direction of the KFPS.
    4. Advising fellow Jury members can be done in private under the rule of confidentiality.


  1. Objectivity
    1. Inspectors and Jury members shall act in an objective manner. They are independent and unbiased. Decision-making strictly only serves the general interest.
    2. Inspectors and Jury members shall not judge their own horses or offspring of their own horses or breeding products. The same applies to horses owned by relatives up to and including the second degree, including foster children and registered partners in as far as these share the same household. The same applies to horses owned by people of a different relationship which might jeopardise their objectivity.


  1. Communication
    1. Strictly only the chairperson of categories shall act as spokesman/woman towards entrants, the public and the press. In doing so he/she shall strictly adhere to the official assessment.
    2. Inspectors and Jury members shall not provide any public explanation or commentary at inspections/events/shows during which they are not present in the capacity of official, on-duty Jury member.




  1. Trade
    1. The relationship between the Jury member and his/her trade partner (buyer/seller) must in actual fact be equivalent to any other random buyer/seller relationship. For that reason, Inspectors and Jury members must refrain from the trade in horses about which they have information obtained via their function and which is unknown to non-KFPS officials.
    2. Inspectors and Jury members must refrain from any business involvement regarding horses that are subjected to inspection procedures in which they are personally acting as a judge. This rule applies for the duration of the inspection procedures.
    3. Inspectors and Jury members are held at all times to publicise any business involvement with a horse. If this is the case when participating in an inspection and the connection cannot be inferred on the basis of the horse´s name, it must be timely reported to the Direction.


  1. Representation
    1. The on-duty official is representative and is dressed for the occasion.
    2. Correct dress code for men is: a dark suit with light-coloured shirt, KFPS tie and a bowler hat. Correct dress code for ladies is: a formal costume with matching hat in a dark colour. Both men and women must wear dark-coloured shoes and a dark-coloured, neutral coat.
    3. The on-duty Inspectors and Jury members are required not to smoke while on duty and to switch off their mobile phones.   


  1. Jury meetings
    1. Inspectors and Jury members are required to attend official Jury meetings, refreshment courses and standardisation days.
    2. Every year during these days the Code of Conduct and integrity must be heeded.