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Education week kfps holland 2019


For already several years we organize an education week about the Friesian Horse. This is every time an big success. A lot of knowledge about the Friesian Horse in the nice area of Friesland; the beating heart of the Friesian Horse and friendships are made worldwide for life! We organize it this year in the English and German language. We make several groups, with both their own language, maybe some small parts only in English.


On this course we will teach you all the things you need to know about judging the Friesian Horse including the racial aspects, the conformation, structure of the legs, lameness and leg defects and the movements. We will also give a guide to the order of inspections and have an presentation from an veterinary and farrier giving all sorts of important information especially about the Friesian horse. We will give information about our breeding goal, and we are going to visit one of our inspections to judge a long the side of the arena with one of our judges  in small groups and we will make time to do some sight seeing in Friesland!


The course will be organized in a week when there will be many other attractions / (horse) events to visit in Friesland.



-  The course will take place from 15 till 19th of July 2019 around  Drachten.

- The language will be in English and German (2 groups), we have course books  in English and German language.

-  The price for the course is € 425,- and that is including lunch and drinks for 5 days, the course book, certificates, welcome dinner, several clinics, an activity,  and a dinner at the end of the week but excluding the hotel costs.

-  You need an car during this week because we go to several locations

-  If you want to take part on the course, please send an mail to annetwouda@kfps.nl to sign In;

    The minimum for the course is 24 people, the maximum for the course is 42 people.

-  For questions you can contact the KFPS; 0031-512-52388 or by mail: annetwouda@kfps.nl

-  Only members of the KFPS can sign In (sign in by "my KFPS")