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Romke van der Meer has passed away


On January 20th Romke van der Meer passed away. Even though this ‘Friesian om útens’ (living outside Friesland, ed.) has lived in Germany for most of his life, he was a very well-known personality within the Friesian horse community.
Romke van der Meer definitely became a prominent figure when his mare Brenda H. (Tamme 276) received Model status in 1999 and was chosen as Central Inspection Champion. Romke van der Meer was a person who absolutely dedicated himself to the community. ‘A jack-of-all-trades’, a ‘fixer’, is how a local newspaper commemorates him. He has more than distinguished himself in the Friesian horse world, which has always been so dear to him from a very young age. He was the driving force behind the local riding school, was a member of the DFZ Board for many years and on behalf of the German KFPS members held a seat on the KFPS Member Council. Romke van der Meer was one of the major instigators of the DFZ Jubilee celebrations in Munster in 2012 and it was during this event when he received the Studbook’s mark of respect in the shape of the KFPS Silver Pin. His never-ending commitment and characteristically good spirits combined with a very modest attitude made him the binding factor within the German association, who therefore made him an Honorary member. Towards the end of last year Romke van der Meer was diagnosed with a serious disease. However, he told his doctor at the hospital that he had no time for treatment in the short term because he was adamant he should go to the Stallion Inspection. Unfortunately though, his condition made this impossible. Romke van der Meer died at the age of 73.