KFPS Royal Friesian


Death of Jisse 433


February 8 16-year-old KFPS stallion Jisse 433 died of colic in the USA. Jisse 433 was born in the yard of A. de Vries from Sigerswoude on the 7th of May 2003. Jisse 433 is the youngest approved son by the Preferent Jasper 366. His dam was Star mare Brecht who was a daughter by Dirk 298. Jisse 433 had a full sister who became Star and Sport but after her the mare line petered out. Jisse´s granddam is Lotty Star Pref* 9, a daughter of the low kinship stallion Walter 282. Great granddam Aafke-Anna Model Pref*5 is a daughter of the, again low kinship,  Preferent Lammert 260. One of the reasons why Sijbren Bangma from Oldeboorn purchased Jisse 433 as a foal was probably because both his sire and dam are related to the Preferent Hearke 254. Jisse 433 was approved in 2006 as a 3-year-old and with a score of 84.5 his performances under saddle were particularly noteworthy.
In 2006 Jisse 433 became stable mates with his sire Jasper 366 and he stayed at ‘Leppehorne’ until 2012. For the next two years he fulfilled his stud duties at the Bouma place ‘Henswoude’ and in 2014 he again changed stables to stay in the Leyendekker yard in California.
In the sport he mainly made a name for himself in dressage where he accumulated 13 winning points at Z2 level. Even though his lowest score in the performance bar was a 6.5 for the show driving test he proved to be fairly successful in show driving sports too. In 2009 he finished third in the ranking of the ‘KFPS Novice Class Competition’ and a year later he lined up in second place of the ‘Provinsje Fryslân Priis’ (Limit Class).

In terms of his hereditary profile he definitely takes after his father. In the inspection ring the strongest asset of the Jisse offspring is their movement. And just like his sire, he ranks with the top stallions for sport aptitude. Seen in that light it is rather unfortunate for breeding that (so far) no Jisse 433 son has been approved. Who knows, maybe a more long-term effect will be passed down the line by his female offspring. During the last Stallion Inspection two young stallions out of Jisse 433 dams were selected for the Central Examination. To date, 89 Jisse 433 offspring have become Star (Star percentage: 43%), out of which 8 mares have been declared Crown and 3 daughters have been awarded the Model predicate. Compared to his peers, a relatively large number of his offspring have acquired the Sport predicate: 15 in total.