KFPS Royal Friesian


Hessel 480 completes progeny testing


Hessel 480 Sport (Norbert x Jelke) has been stationed in the United States since last year and he is the only stallion who completed his Progeny Test in 2018. The Board has adopted the Inspection´s advice to retain Hessel 480 for breeding.

In the previous year, 43 3-year-old mares by Hessel 480 were assessed at inspections. Of these, 40 were registered in the Studbook, one daughter is Crown and 20 acquired the Star predicate with 6 first premiums among them. That brings the Star percentage to 52,5 %. Out of his 47 inspected sons 16 individuals were awarded the Star predicate.

That results in the following breeding values for exterior and movement, with 83% reliability:
Breeding type: 99
Conformation: 106
Legwork: 107
Walk: 106
Trot: 106

In the performance tests the canter of the Hessel 480 offspring is a positive asset. Three of the Hessel 480 offspring managed to qualify for the finals of the Friesian Talent Cup. His daughter Yersie C. carried off victory in the mare category, in the stallions and geldings category his sons Yde van de Noeste Hoeve and Wytze HSL came in first place.

Breeding values sport aptitude (reliability 65%)
Walk: 98
Trot: 103
Canter: 104
Riding test: 101
Driving test: 100
Show driving test: 101

The full report of the Progeny Test will be published in ‘Stallion information February 2019’. The complete list of Hessel 480´s breeding values is available in the KFPS database.