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102 stallions on course for Leeuwarden


The First Viewing took place in Drachten in the first week of December and has yielded 99 invitations for the Second Viewing In Leeuwarden. Whether all these individuals stay on course to put in an appearance in Leeuwarden depends on the results of semen- and X-ray testing. Another three stallions earned a ticket for Leeuwarden by way of the after- and re-inspection.
Each year the audience eagerly awaits the first collection of the youngest Studbook stallions. This year Jehannes 484 and Jouwe 485 presented their first crop of 3-year-old sons. With 33 presented sons, Jehannes 484 was the top leader of the First Viewing and with sixteen referrals he prolonged this epithet for the Second Viewing. Head of Jury Harrie Draaijer: ‘The Jehannes 484 offspring are attractive, with fine forehands and good neck conformation. They present lots of front and beautiful stature. They have more than satisfactory long-lined body conformation and generally satisfactory youthfulness. The head-neck connection is in some cases a bit heavy. By and large the walk is more than satisfactory. In trot they have lots of bend in the hock and they display scope, looseness and elevation in movement.’
Jouwe 485 presented a fine, fairly uniform batch of offspring. Nine of his fourteen sons received an invitation for Leeuwarden. ‘Horses with fine forehands, much length in their necks and they move with a lot of body posture. On average, they demonstrated a very good walk, roomy and electric. In trot they have good bend in the hock and place the hind leg well forward under the body. Canter comes very easy to them’, Harrie Draaijer comments.

Ten by Tsjalle 454
Out of the 22 presented Tsjalle 454 offspring ten stallions are through to the next round: four 4-year-olds and six 3-year-olds. Draaijer: ‘The Tsjalle 454 sons always flaunt lots of breed expression. They differed a bit in type, although many smartened up in the cage. Here and there we miss the long foreleg. Some of the stallions showed a good walk.’
With ten referrals Alwin 469 also left his business card. ‘We have seen a few very classy horses by Alwin 469 with more than satisfactory elasticity in the body and fine forehands. They all improved in the cage. On average the hind leg stepped forward with good alacrity’, Draaijer comments.
Thorben 466 has seven sons through to the next viewing. Draaijer: ‘They lack the luxurious feathers and that somewhat reduces the marks for breeding type. In the cage they smartened up with satisfactory posture. Their electric use of the hind leg in movement caught the eye.’ Hessel 480 and Epke 474 each have six sons on track for the next round and four Alke 468 sons follow suit. Fabe 348, Bartele 472, Hette 481, Maurits 437 and Norbert 444 are each represented by three offspring in the Second Viewing. Two offspring by Tsjalke 397, Haitse 425, Haike 482 and Bene 476 respectively are through as well. The stallions Wybren 464, Fonger 478, Jorn 430, Mewes 438, Sipke 450, Pier 448 and Gerben 479 each have one son referred.