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From a financial point of view the year 2018 is a good year for the KFPS, so it was confirmed at the autumn meeting of the Member Council in Zwolle on Friday evening November the 23rd. The motions for amendments of the Sport predicate showdriving and the Regulations Stallion Inspection on semen quality were approved by the Member Council. 

Following nine regional meetings the concluding autumn meeting of the KFPS Member Council took place on Friday evening November the 23rd. Fairly soon after he had opened the meeting Chairman Bert Wassenaar referred to the success of The Storm Rider. ‘It was a challenge, also financially speaking, and it gave rise to quite a lot of discussion’, he recollected. ‘But it was a huge success generating fantastic publicity for the Friesian horse. We wish to express our thanks to all volunteers who have made this possible.’ Along with good PR, the 106,000 visitors to the 22 performances have also helped to make 2018 a financially good year, Peter Bazuijnen predicted. 
Further on the agenda were a number of appointments. Detlef Elling received the Member Council´s vote of confidence for another four-year term on the Board. Esther Liano was added to the Sports Council and the vacancy in the Breeding Council was filled by Sander Putman. 

Research DFI
Discussions in the Member Council – as well as in the regions – were dominated by the motions for amendments. For awarding the Sport predicate showdriving the Regulations will be amended as of 1January 2019. Participants in the Honorary Class will have five years, instead of just one, to acquire said Sport predicate. This is based on the consideration that showdriving is a seasonal sport with a limited number of competitions. 
The Regulations Stallion Inspection on semen quality will also be amended with a clause stating that the semen of stallions will be tested for DFI, DNA Fragmentation Index. This data will be included in research aimed at finding out what role DFI plays in the impregnation results of stallions. Thanks to an amendment submitted to the Member Council by the Limburg region, this clause shall not only apply to all stallions selected for the Central Examination as written down in the original motion, but also apply to all approved stallions whose semen is sent in for testing. Moreover, all expenses incurred for said research shall be at the account of the KFPS and results shall not be published. ‘When results from this research are revealed these findings will first of all be communicated at the meeting of the Member Council’, Director Ids Hellinga states. 

Preferent stallions
The motion to amend the standard for Preferentship of stallions was not approved. The Member Council has handed the motion back to the Board with the instruction to come forward with a more detailed amendment and a better substantiation thereof. The objective however, is clear and widely supported: Preferentship of stallions must remain, or become an honorary predicate. An objective calculation method is to be preferred, without the intervention from inspectors. In practical terms however, this poses a fairly difficult problem. The meeting suggested to include the issue regarding Preferentship in the Policy Plan 2019-2024 which is currently under construction. This Plan was repeatedly subject of discussion at the meeting, for example when considering how stud service numbers could be increased. Against all expectations, this number has only shown a minimal growth increasing to roughly 4500 a year in recent years. Members are eagerly looking forward to the chance of exchanging thoughts on the Policy Plan 2019-2024 during the next round of meetings in the spring of 2019.

Text: Alice Booij