KFPS Royal Friesian


Tymon 456 Sport heads to Sweden


The KFPS approved stallion Tymon 456 is sold to the Swedish friesian horse center Aftonmora Friesians. Tymon will be based in the southern part of Sweden, serving the whole Scandinavian market which presently lack an approved Friesian stallion. 

“We are very pleased to have Tymon 456 as a part of Aftonmora Friesians. We have been searching for a suitable studbook stallion for some time and Tymon 456 is a perfect fit for us. He is a modern sport type of KFPS studbook stallion with exceptional qualities; the Friesian sport attributes, athletic exterior suitable for dressage, great mentality and willingness to work. He is a perfect match with Aftonmora Friesians breeding goals making the Friesian horses a more popular breed for sport in Scandinavia.” says Sandra Åhs Sivertsen at Aftonmora Friesians

Tymon 456 where for some time in the care of the well-known dressage rider Marc Peter Spahn:
“Tymon 456 was a favorite horse of mine when in my stable. He is incredible smart and talented for the highest collections, like Piaffe, Passage and Pirouettes. But he has also fantastic extended gates. Tymon 456 is a very complete great sport horse and has also proven to pass on his high qualities in breeding to his offspring’s. I know several great offsprings from him, I also have some very nice ones myself. His modern type and his functional conformation make him for me, one of the most genetic advanced Friesian Stallions!”

Tymon 456 is available for breeding both inside and outside of Sweden. For more information welcome to visit www.aftonmora.se and follow Aftonmora Friesians on Facebook.

Born: 01-04-2006
Owner: Aftonmora Friesians
Studbook: e: Andries 415 x Leffert 306, u: Helena L.
Kinship: 17.7%
Height: 171 cm
Premie: Stambook + Sport
Approved sons: Mees 497
CO score: 84.5 89 89.5