KFPS Royal Friesian


Jacques Verkerk Manager Inspections & Education


Jacques Verkerk is the new Manager Inspections & Education of the KFPS. From this new function within the organisation of the Studbook he will be responsible for directing the KFPS Inspection and Jury body. He will also be tasked with the continued professionalization of the Jury training.

During his whole life Jacques Verkerk (48) has been professionally involved in the equine sector. Over the past few years he has been self-employed in the equine sector both as an equine journalist and as a service-provider. In the twelve years before that he was an inspector for the KWPN. He has also held various functions in the field of communications, as editor for ‘In de Strengen’ (Dutch equine magazine, ed.) and press officer of the KNHS. In addition to these activities, Jacques Verkerk works as a media trainer and guest teacher for equine educations. At present Verkerk is a member of the Stallion- and Mare Inspection Jury of the Dutch New Forest Pony Studbook. ‘My passion  is strongly rooted in horse breeding and the assessment of horses. Using my background to provide a fresh impetus to the breeding of Friesian horses I consider to be a wonderful new opportunity’, is how Verkerk motivates his choice.

Together with Ids Hellinga, Nynke Bakker and Marijke Akkerman, Jacques Verkerk will be part of the management team of the KFPS. ‘We are exceptionally pleased to add Jacques Verkerk to our team, who brings with him so much knowledge and experience in relation to the assessment of horses. With him we aim to raise the standards of inspections and education of Jury members’, says Studbook Director Ids Hellinga.

Jacques Verkerk will begin work for this new function in August.