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Felle 422 has passed away


Yesterday the Van der Weide family from Ansen, owners of studbook stallion Felle 422, announced on Facebook that the stallion was put to sleep last week. Felle 422 had been suffering from a chronic disease.

Felle 422 was born in W.M. Wincoop´s yard in Lunteren on the 21st of March 2001 but as a foal he was sold on to De Hommertshoeve in Gameren. In co-ownership with De Nieuwe Heuvel in Lunteren the stallion was approved in 2005, but he had to complete two performance tests to achieve approval. In the spring of 2004 at the age of three he failed to pass the final exam. It was mainly because of his exceptionally fine exterior that he was granted another referral at the next Stallion Inspection which resulted in his approval three months later. In the Central Examination he caught everyone´s eye with his great canter.

Felle 422 was the only approved son of Lolke 371 (Oege 267). His dam was the Star Preferent*5 Gerlof 294 daughter Zorinda D. while his granddam, also Star and Preferent, is a Tjimme 275 daughter. Through a Star mare by Lammert 260 we arrive at the Jarich 226 daughter Kena who is the full sister of the Preferent Wessel 237. The other approved Studbook stallion owned by the Van der Weide family, Eibert 419, comes from the mare line of another full sister to Wessel 237, Dientje.

Felle 422 has over 1000 registered offspring. He has a total of 113 offspring with minimum the Star predicate from which seven daughters have been declared Crown and two have achieved Preferent status. Twelve of his offspring have earned the Sport predicate. Felle 422 has two approved sons, Wolfert 467 and the popular Alwin 469. For both stallions their studbook licenses were sustained after completing progeny testing. Via Alwin 469 the late Felle 442 now has his first approved grandson in Tiede 501.

In dressage Felle 422 has moved up through the ranks to Z1 level with a total of 15 winning points. Felle 422´s main legacy to his offspring in terms of exterior is his fine conformation. As utility horses the Felle descendants, just like their dad, are mostly noted for their good canter technique. Felle 422 had been standing stud in the Van der Weide yard for the past eight years. He died at the age of 17.