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Death of Ielke 382 and Wikke 404


The two Studbook stallions Ielke 382 and Wikke 404 both died in the last two weeks.


Ielke 382 has had quite a remarkable career. He was already seven years old when he was approved and at that time was very actively involved in the dressage scene. Esther Liano made her first Grand Prix appearance with Ielke in 2006, and in doing so she was one of the forerunners to compete at the highest level of dressage with a Friesian horse. In that same year Ielke was also approved on offspring. Progeny testing revealed that especially his fine canter was one of the assets he passed on to his offspring.
Ielke 382 was born in de Wiebe´s yard in Oostermeer on the 14th of May 1994, as a son of Nykle 309 and the Star Preferent Performance mare Imkje from pedigree 28. Thanks to Imkje, Oostermeer got blessed with an excellent breeding family which was initially called ‘fan de Bosk’ but later went on with the stable name ‘fan ‘e Homar. She has produced 8 Star offspring, one of these being a full Ielke 382 sister who is the granddam of Menne 496, the new Reserve Champion of the latest Stallion Inspection. Ielke 382 has 394 registered offspring. 39 offspring became (minimal) Star with one Crown and one Model mare. So far one daughter has received Preferent status. Five offspring have the Sport predicate and one offspring is Sport Elite. Ielke 382 has one approved son: Thorben 466. Ielke died at the age of 24.


Wikke 404 has completed more of a run-of-the-mill course. He was born in Nederweert in L.A.H. Smolenaers´ yard on the second of March 1999 and was approved in 2002 as a 3-year-old. Wikke proved to be an allrounder, a qualification which also typifies his offspring. Not only was Wikke 404 the only approved son of Ritse 322, up till this point he is also the single one approved stallion from mare line 107. His dam was the Star Preferent Gerlof 294 daughter Annerichje T. After her we find a Star mare by Tjimme 275, a Star Preferent daughter by Freark 218 and a Star mare by Alwin 211. Wikke 404 is the only Studbook stallion with this Noldus 198 son in his pedigree. Wikke 404 was approved on offspring in 2007 and he has 989 registered offspring. 91 offspring have become (minimal) Star, with seven of them Crown and one Model. Eight offspring have acquired the Sport predicate and one offspring is Sport Elite. Wikke 404´s most famous daughter is Trudi who became Central Inspection Champion of 2009 at the age of three and who later on received the Model predicate. Wikke 404 has one approved son: Aarnold 471. Wikke 404 died at the age of 19.  


Photos: Jacob Melissen and Johan Achterhof