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Jurre 495 prolongs title Overall Champion Stallion Inspection


The Champion Election of last Saturday´s Stallion Inspection was downright electrifying. Four top stallions strongly contested each other for the much-coveted title of Overall Champion: Alwin 469, Tsjalle 454, Jurre 495 and Menne 496. The grandstands were packed to the rafters and with great enthusiasm the audience unfailingly cheered each candidate on during their rounds in trot. It was Jurre 495 who again and again succeeded in convincing both Jury and audience of his capabilities. Nothing could throw him out of balance. With lovely tact, powerful use of the hind leg and his exceedingly attractive type Jurre 495 prolonged his Title from last year. This time the senior stallions had to bow to the youngsters. The Reserve Title was for 6-year-old Menne 496 who also managed to win over the judges with his strong, active hind leg and consistently fine performances of movement.
No need to explain that owners Jelmer Chardon and the Niemeyer couple were totally chaffed with this second title in a row for their Jurre 495. Jelmer: ‘Last year Jurre 495 was still the underdog, but this year things already turned rather hectic two weeks prior to the inspection, with lots of phone calls, radio and TV. So the pressure was on. What if it wouldn´t work out? Jurre 495 was at the top of his game during the whole season and we know he has abundant quality, but the competition was fierce. So it´s great that he´s done it again.’
Jurre 495 went home with the Title of the younger stallions as well as the Champion Title. Menne 496 was the Reserve Champion of the younger stallions that have not yet been approved on offspring. The Title of the older stallions approved on offspring was for Alwin 469 who impressed with his consistently strong rounds in trot and his wonderful conformation. In this category the Reserve Title went to Tsjalle 454.

Again, the Stallion Inspection was an overall success. For the first time in its history, the KFPS was forced to turn down requests for tickets for the Friday evening FRIESIAN PROMS and the Saturday inspections already one week ahead of the event. ‘We had to disappoint a lot of people. Following announcements that the event was completely sold out we still kept receiving phone calls from people who tried to get hold of tickets. But we simply couldn´t accept more people because of safety regulations’, KFPS Director Ids Hellinga explains.
The programme kicked off with the Second Viewing of the young stallions on the Thursday. From this group of 81 stallions, 42 received an invitation for the in-hand presentation of the Third Viewing on Friday afternoon. In the end, the Stallion Inspection Jury referred 24 stallions to the Central Examination in the autumn of this year. ‘We are happy with the collection we have been able to select. It´s a fine group, and we´re looking forward to how they are going to develop in the run-up to the Central Examination’, says Head of Jury Harrie Draaijer.

The Saturday programme was alternated with  a number of tributes. Frits de Jong was awarded the Silver KFPS Pin in honour of his contributions to the Studbook. Jan and Susan Bouwman were elected Breeders of the Year 2017. Kanjer ter Meer, more commonly known as Limited Edition, was celebrated as Horse of the Year 2017. Jelmer Chardon again received the Silver Bowl for winning the Championship Studbook stallions in front of the sjees with his Eise 489.
Two stallions were awarded Preferent status. For Olof 315 this is a posthumous declaration, but he was represented in the arena by his daughter Imke van de Miëde, who has qualified for  Grand Prix dressage with owner Karen Beijaard. Olof 315 was also represented by his approved son and favourite of the audience Jasper 366. The other stallion receiving Preferent status is triple Stallion Inspection Champion Norbert 444. As he is stationed in the USA he was represented by his approved sons Hette 481, Julius 486, Menne 496 and Rommert 498 as well as his daughter alias Central Inspection Champion Elza Maaike van de Noeste Hoeve.