KFPS Royal Friesian


Integral approach of structure, culture and processes


As a follow-up to the presentation  of the MC Committee during the meeting of the Member Council on Friday the 17th of November last,  the Board and the MC have recently reconvened.
The objective of the meeting was, on the one hand, to create an informal setting to give Members of the MC another opportunity to ask the Board and the committee for further information about the findings, and on the other hand to discuss the recommendations and to decide together what the next steps should be.

The recommendations were divided into three areas of special interest:
1. Relations/communication
Creating an ‘open’ communication- and reaction style to achieve good actions on the basis of shared values (which is at the heart of our society). This serves to encourage a culture in which it is accepted that people make mistakes and where people engage in transparent discussions leaving room for learning and improvement. Central to this culture is the own functioning of every individual to stimulate leadership, transparency and reflection.

2. Technical/content-based
Continued investing in strengthening of staff (Jury and Inspection)with a broad focus on professional communication, knowledge, educational requirements and optimisation of regulations.

3. Organisational/administrative/management
Tightening of procedures within the organisation. This varies from procedures regarding performances to the tightening of other protocols and regulations where necessary. Shedding a critical eye on the organisational structure (direct management, responsibilities etc.) for better definitions of employee roles.
The meeting was characterised by an open and pleasant atmosphere in which the present culture, structure and processes within the KFPS were discussed. Subjects such as accountability and independence of the various bodies (the Board, Inspection, Management/Office and Member Council), operational management and cohesion, professionalisation, regulations and the desired code of conduct for addressing each other were explicitly dealt with.
Considering the shared context of various subjects the joint conclusion was the wish to achieve innovations by way of an integral approach.

The decision was taken that starting January next year, representatives of the Board and the Member Council will consider how to devise a roadmap for innovations with the assistance of an external  expert in cultural- and structural changes. Concurrently, the Board continues talks with the Inspection and Management regarding further professionalisation and operational supervision of the Jury body. Subsequently, a meeting will be organised in February with regard to governance and innovations.

All these steps will be taken to ensure the KFPS remains a society which collectively embraces progress and seeks continual improvement and development.