KFPS Royal Friesian


Workshop: Which stallion do I choose for my mare?


Are you a breeder and would be interested in a workshop with a KFPS jury member to discuss your stallion choice? Why not opt for the Champion? Are you aware of the characteristics you seek to improve? How to use the KFPS website to the best of your advantage? Breeding is about making an estimated guess on the basis of insider knowledge!
Specifically for visitors from abroad the KFPS Inspection and Jury organise a workshop on the Friday of the Stallion Inspection Leeuwarden. The workshop is a platform for Inspection and Jury to give a concise presentation of all the possibilities of the web site and the score form. Following the presentation the participants will disperse in groups of six and upload their mares on their own laptops or iPads assisted by a jury member. The underlying aim is to make breeders more aware of their choices. Do they automatically go for champion stallions, are they looking for a sport horse, a potential Crown mare or maybe a low kinship percentage. Advance booking is necessary. This can be done by mailing to hk@kfps.nl. We can accommodate a maximum of fourty participants. Participants are required to bring their own laptop or iPad and are advised to have their login codes for MyHorse at the ready. The workshop can be followed in English or German.