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Friesian horses in the Grand Prix


Friesian horses have become much more adept at finding their way to the higher dressage levels. And they’re not just making a name for themselves in the Netherlands, in other countries Friesian horses are also competing at Grand Prix level. Here’s an overview of horses that act at Grand Prix level.

The Netherlands

Haitse 425 Sport (Jasper 366 x Rypke 321)
Rider: Marsja Dijkman
Breeder: G. van der Veer-Jellema
Owner: A.P. Both and A. Zwaagman

Marsja Dijkman starts Haitse 425 under the name of Horses2fly Haitse 425.
Marsja Dijkman: ‘Haitse 425 is incredibly diligent, he really loves working for you. That can also be a downside because it means he can become too enthusiastic. It’s a challenge to channel his zest for work.’

Nieuwe Ebele Sport (Winand 405 x Feitse 293)
Rider: Esther Liano
Breeder: Jaap van der Ree (Stud Groenestein)
Owner: Stud Groenestein

Esther Liano has won several champion titles with Nieuwe Ebele, sport name Ebele van Groenestein. As she says herself, she has an enormous click with him: ‘I have never before ridden a horse that performs the flying changes in such a straight outline and so high off the ground.’ At the end of June the decision was taken to withdraw Ebele from the sport and to put him to pasture.

Rosa O. Crown Sport-Elite (Brandus 345 x Anton 343)
Rider: Daniëlla Smit
Breeder: J.H. Otten
Owner: D.J. Reiding

In 2009 Daniëlla Smit took charge of Rosa O.’s dressage schooling, a mare known by the  sport name of Rosa fan Bangazathe. As the combination moved up the ladder the highest level came into view. This year they collected their first winning points in the Grand Prix. Now that they have reached their goal Rosa will continue her career as a brood mare.

Wilke-C. van de Wijdewormer Star (Fabe 348 x Tjimme 275)
Rider: Melanie Mouthaan
Breeder: E.A. Constant
Owner: J.W. Mouthaan

Melanie Mouthaan and Wilke-C. van de Wijdewormer had their first appearance at Grand Prix level in Kootwijk last year. According to Mouthaan the 18-year-old Wilke is not yet ready for retirement: ‘He has a natural aptitude for collection work, so strenuous and repetitive training sessions are not necessary. He keeps improving himself.’


Wolter V. Sport-Elite (Rypke 321 x Naen 264)
Rider: Jenny Veenstra
Breeder: the Veenstra family
Owner: Jenny Veenstra

Jenny Veenstra and Wolter V. have been a familiar sight at Grand prix competitions for several years now. Jenny Veenstra: ‘Wolter is eighteen now but still super fit! I’m planning to start him again in Belgium this summer. Wolter is never going to leave our yard, we have such a strong bond together.’

United States

Inke FCF Star Sport-Elite (Erik 351 x Nikolaas 310)
Rider: Linda Strine/Erinn Chelstrom
Breeder/owner: Emmet and Julie Roche (Flying Colors Farms)

Inke FCF has advanced to Intermédiaire II level with Linda Strine in the saddle. At a later stage Erinn Chelstrom took charge of Inke’s education. They achieved excellent scores in the Grand Prix in 2015. ‘It is as if Inke knows she’s the centre of attention and then she puts in a great effort’, Linda Strine tells us. Since 2015 Julie Roche has been competing Inke at Sub top level.

Teske van G. Star Sport (Otte 375 x Jelke 367)
Riders: Stephanie Raffety-Wilson/Jamie Knight
Breeder: R. Glen (United States)
Owner: Marcus and Jamie Knight

Stephanie Raffety-Wilson competed Teske van G. in the Grand Prix averaging a score of 65,2%. Jamie Knight: ‘Next year I will start Teske myself in amateur classes at Grand Prix level. Teske is a very clever, athletic horse who always gives her best. She is the perfect horse for a novice rider like me.’

Waling M. Sport (Jasper 366 x Jillis 301)
Rider: Tyra Vernon
Breeder: L.F. Mollema-Lievers
Owner: Tyra Vernon

Waling M. arrived at Tyra Vernon’s yard in 2009 at the age of ten. The plan was to train and compete the stallion with a view to selling him on but they had such a good click that Tyra decided to buy Waling herself. Over the years this combination has pocketed loads of dressage titles.


Marcus in ’t Rietveld Sport-Elite (Beart 411 x Gaije 295)
Rider: Olga Kovyrzina
Breeder: D. Post
Owner: Marina Shikhareva

In 2013 Marcus in ‘t Rietveld was the first Friesian horse in Russia to flaunt the Sport predicate. By now the Elite predicate has been added as well. Marcus received his schooling from Olga Kovyrzina. Coaching and instruction of this combination is in the hands of international jury member Tatiana Ushakova. She describes Marcus as ‘an honest stallion with good work ethics’.