KFPS Royal Friesian


‘Still in seventh heaven’


A few weeks after their successful Stallion Inspection Jelmer and Anita Chardon are still on cloud nine. There’s no end to all the fuss, the phone calls, congratulations, media attention and of course, the stud services!
The past Stallion Inspection turned into a stunning success for their training stables in Jorwerd: Jurre 495 (Maurits 437 x Jasper 366) emerged as the Overall Champion and Eise 489 was proclaimed Horse of the Year 2016. The first tentative steps on the road to stallion keepers were taken two years ago. The first step was renting Wolfert 467, who was followed by their own Studbook stallion Eise 489. Last December the star of show driving was joined by Bene 476 from America and the newly approved Jurre 495.
‘I have always kept faith in Jurre 495, he was just too young and too youthful and needed more time.’ From the age of 2½, Jurre 495 was inspected twice via standard procedures and was presented at the re-judging on two occasions. Jelmer Chardon bought him to complete his two-in-hand with Eise 489. ‘The challenge with Jurre 495 was to keep him calm and teach him to collect himself so that he would learn to follow through his steps’, Jelmer Chardon says.

Jelmer trained the stallion in his quiet home environment where he prepared him for the in-harness work. ‘I’m convinced that if you give a good horse the time he needs it will always pay off. Last year Jurre 495 was again presented at the inspection and this time he became Star with a 9 for trot. All seven times that we competed him in front of the sjees he won.’
According to Jelmer Chardon his Jurre 495 has even further improved since the Stallion Inspection. ‘Looking at him now, especially under saddle, you see a totally different horse than at his saddle exam. He has definitely, enormously grown into it.’