KFPS Royal Friesian


‘Building and boosting society allegiance’


Towards the end of last year Sieneke Mekkes became a Board member of the KFPS. In the line of duties Mekkes is primarily targeting the sport, having committed herself to narrowing the gap between members and the Board.
As the eldest daughter of show driving man Dirk Mekkes, Sieneke (48) grew up with in-harness sports. Mekkes: ‘As a child I always used to accompany my dad as his groom. Later I started riding myself and I have accumulated lots of successes with Vizier. I was National Reserve Champion Singles with Vizier from 1985 to 1992. In 2004, I was asked to join the Board of the Concours Hippique of Buitenpost’, Mekkes tells us.
For twelve years Sieneke Mekkes has worked at the UMCG (University Medical Centre Groningen, ed.) as an assistant at the outpatients’ clinic for Oral Diseases and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMF). In 1998 she made a switchover to the Nij Smellinghe Hospital in Drachten where she worked her way up to the position of coordinator of the OMF Department in 2009. ‘Communication is paramount. My strength is the ability to connect people and I’m hoping to do the same in my capacity as a KFPS Board member.’
‘My first introduction to Friesian horses came about through my work for the Concours Buitenpost. I put the Four-in-hand Championship on the map and was closely involved with founding the Stichting Gezamenlijke Concoursen Fryslân (Organisation Joint Competitions Fryslân, ed.). Henk Dijkstra and I set up the Province of Fryslân Prize between us.’

Tynke Hester K.
Sieneke Mekkes has been married to Mark Kommerij since 2011. The 11-year-old Tynke Hester K. Model Sport (Ielke 382 x Olof 315) is the pride and joy of the Kommerij family. ‘We now have two offspring from Tynke Hester, a stallion by Gerben 479 and a mare by Jehannes 484, who both made it to Foal Champion in Garijp. Mark and I can have endless discussions about Friesian horses, breeding or choosing the right stallion’, says Sieneke Mekkes.
‘This summer I’m going to visit many events for Friesian horses. I’m not a member of the Board for myself but to serve the society. What I like to do is to continue building and boosting member allegiance to our society. The Friesian horse and all the traditions that are part of it are something to be really proud of.’