KFPS Royal Friesian


Successful Faderpaard 2017


‘Did you too have such a whale of a time in Leeuwarden? Peak time for the KFPS and three days brimming with activities. During the day there were inspections, clinics, meetings with overseas delegations and on Thursday- and Friday evenings the Friesian Proms’, is how KFPS Chairman Bert Wassenaar opens his column in the February issue of Phryso.
‘I hugely admire the staff at our Drachten-based office who have prepared and achieved all this supported by an army of volunteers. It’s a top-notch performance for which they deserve the highest praise. Once again the enthusiasm and interest from within and outside our country was overwhelming. In the course of the event I have spoken to many individuals discussing questions such as: ‘How come?’, ‘What brings that about?’ These are important questions for our Studbook because we are very keen to preserve this enthusiasm and huge involvement for the future. It’s crystal-clear that the Friesian horse plays a key part in it. Many feel a sense of connection with the pride and grandeur radiated by the stallions. They inspire respect and stir our emotions. The entrance of 22-year-old Jasper 366 alone moved some to tears. He was given a standing ovation (including over one million hits on Facebook and Twitter). We could see it all happen again during the Champion Inspections. It’s wonderful to be able to enjoy these black pearls as one and feel so connected to them.
But in the mean time the Board already has its eyes on the year 2018.A special year indeed because it heralds Leeuwarden as the Cultural Capital of Europe. This year will see many activities across the whole of the province of Friesland. Being one of the icons of Friesland the Friesian breed obviously has to shine as well. It’s an ideal opportunity for the KFPS to step up its promotion of our black four-legged friends and the development of plans is in full swing. In addition to the Stallion Inspection in January 2018, another great performance of Faderpaard directed by Jos Thie will probably be on the cards for September/October.
Similar to the Jubilee Show Faderpaard in 2014, the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden will host the performance ‘the Storm Rider’. Wouldn’t it be the ultimate treat if this could be combined with our Central Inspection!’