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DNA test available for members


As from today members can have their horses tested for the hydrocephalus and dwarfism gene. The test can be carried out by using existing DNA samples from the data bank of the KFPS or by using DNA samples sent in by the owner.
Marking test and gene test.
The test for hydrocephalus is a gene test. That means that the test is based on the mutation which causes the anomaly. A gene test is 100% reliable. The test for dwarfism is a marking test. The mutation for dwarfism has not yet been pinpointed with exact precision. The test focuses on marking genes which are positioned on the DNA in the region of the mutation. In a small number of cases the test will come up with incorrect readings that are either false positive or false negative. Currently, research is ongoing to develop a gene test for the dwarfism disorder. As soon as the gene test will become available all previously tested horses will be tested again free of charge.
Risk mating
The KFPS advises breeders to have all broodmares tested. The resulting outcome should be used to prevent combinations between stallions and mares who are both carrier of these disorders, because these matings have shown to lead to an anomalous foal in 1 out of 4 cases. With just one of both parents being carrier of either of these disorders the foal will not be affected. From this year on all stallions who are approved will be tested and the outcome will be publicised in the approval report. As long as not all stallions have been tested for carrier status it is important to consult the stallion keeper when choosing a stallion so that a match between two carriers can be avoided. The other option is to consult the KFPS to find out if the intended match of a tested mare is ‘safe’.
Carrier status of mares will not be publicised on for example the studbook certificate. On Mijn KFPS  owners will only have access to the outcome of the tests of their own horses.
Test application
There are two options to apply for a test. It is possible to download a document of authorisation which will be attached to this note. This document must be completed for each individual horse and then sent to the KFPS together with labelled (name/registration number) hair samples. It is however, much easier to complete the document online in Mijn KFPS . On your application you are free to send in fresh DNA samples (hair sample including the hair-root) or alternatively, use the DNA samples from the KFPS data base. For digital applications the KFPS will check its own data base for the availability of DNA samples of the horse in question. If no DNA samples are found it is not possible to use this window and instead a message will appear stating that no DNA samples are available. Under normal circumstances the result will come in after two weeks. Considering the expected demand, this might take just a little longer in the initial stages.
Because the KFPS is keen to have as many mares tested as possible, the costs of the test are (temporarily) set at the low price of € 46,10 (VAT excluded). For this price a horse will be tested for hydrocephalus, dwarfism as well as the chestnut factor. Additionally, for a surcharge of € 19,- (VAT excluded) it is possible to run a paternity test for a horse.
For the time being, DNA testing for hereditary disorders is only possible in the Netherlands.
For any other questions please get in touch with Eveline van Kooten

orderform (print, fill in and send to KFPS)