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  • 25/09/2020

    International KFPS news on Phryso.com

    For the English KFPS news look at Phryso.com

    For the Spanish KFPS news look at  Read more

  • 5/06/2020

    No Central Mare Inspection

    This week , the KFPS board decided that the Central Mare Inspection 2020 in the Netherlands will not take place. Although the government has  Read more

  • 17/01/2019

    Hessel 480 completes progeny testing

    Hessel 480 Sport (Norbert x Jelke) has been stationed in the United States since last year and he is the only stallion who completed his Progeny Test in 2018. The Board has Read more

  • 12/01/2019

    Jurre 495 for the third time Overall Champion

    Jurre 495 Overall Champion

    Tsjalle 454, Alwin 469, Markus 491 and Jurre 495 were the selected horses for the overall Championship. The public was enthousi Read more

  • 11/01/2019

    39 stallions to Central Examination

    The third viewing on friday 11th January resulted in 39 stallions for the Central Examination. With 9 sons Jehannes 484 delivers most stallions, followed by Tsjalle 454 wit Read more

  • 21/12/2018

    Fonger 478 and Jouwe 485 benefit from new breeding values

    The annual genetic evaluations have been finalised this week. All judging results (linear scoring) as well as all results from ABFP and IBOP of 2018 have been included. The Read more

  • 3/12/2018

    Workshop Stallion choice

    Are you a breeder and would be interested in a workshop with a KFPS jury member to discuss your stallion choice? Why not opt for the Champion? Are you aware of the chara Read more

  • 5/11/2018

    Fridse 423 passed away

    This week 17-year-old Studbook stallion Fridse 423 died in the US. For this stallion, who initially seemed cut-out for a career in show driving, the route to his approval i Read more