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  • 20/04/2021

    Breeding Cafe: Breeding meets Sport

    Very interesting breeders cafe: In the stable of the Nieuwe Heuvel (Lunteren -The Netherlands) KFPS presentator Alice Booij spook to KFPS inspector Piet Bergsma, top dressa Read more

  • 19/04/2021

    Gene test for eye disorder distichiasis available

    The University of California has developed a DNA test for distichiasis. This test makes it possible to phase out this eye condition, which involves aberrant lashes on the e Read more

  • 15/04/2021

    Foal susceptible to Lawsonia

    April 14, 2021 Foals ingest antibodies via the dam’s beestings (colostrum), but after one or two months the protection from the beestings decreases (Photo: Digishots) A Read more

  • 9/04/2021

    KFPS College Tour 11: A fine test result leads to a higher predicate

    https://youtu.be/2Xyf4ktRkm4   April 8, 2021 ‘Good results in aptitude tests can help to achieve a higher predicate at inspection’, as pointed out by Jury Read more

  • 6/04/2021

    Tools for stallion choices via MyKFPS

    Stallion choice for mares is a complicated process of weighing up various factors. Pairings must be a good match in terms of exterior, but also aspects such as inbreeding a Read more

  • 6/04/2021

    Choosing between sport and breeding is a Catch 22

    The Pen-Van der Werff Family has been into breeding Friesian horses for a mere six years but have already booked a number of very significant successes. ‘We have learned an Read more

  • 6/04/2021

    Breeder Bruggeling: ‘Fan it Waad’ line built on proven blood

    Breeder and veterinarian Theo Bruggeling has a top mare in his yard in the shape of breeding day Champion Barran fan it Waad Crown (Jehannes 484). This season three broodma Read more

  • 6/04/2021

    Jan Vriend: ‘Never giving up our calling card’

    Since early this year the Breeding Council has a new chairman: Jan Vriend. The pensioner from North Holland breeds on a small scale: Friesian horses, showdriving horses and Read more