KFPS Royal Friesian


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No horses signed up in this class.
Registration number Name Date of birth Register Sire
200905716 Dulcinea 01-07-2009 Stamboek Teade 392
200406363 Miledy 17-04-2004 Stamboek Ster Maiko 373
200403578 Otto P.H. 08-05-2004 Veulenboek Tjesse 400
200503661 Renske v.d. Shamrock 17-05-2005 Stamboek Ster Dries 421
200605769 Veniesha A.E.F. 31-08-2006 Stamboek Ster Goffert 369
200705687 Zhaana 29-06-2007 Stamboek Nanning 374
No horses signed up in this class.