KFPS Royal Friesian

KFPS breeding goals for sport horses
A horse with a functional conformation for sport which displays characteristics typical of the Friesian breed, is healthy and vital, and possesses sufficient capacities and condition to perform well in equine sports.

General information:
The goals for breeding sport horses should be seen in connection with the breed characteristics of the Friesian horse as described in the KFPS breeding goals. The KFPS breeding goals for sport horses have been formulated within the framework of the KFPS breeding goals. Within the framework of the KFPS breeding goals, it is possible to specialize in order to produce Friesian sport horses that retain the willingness and manageability of the Friesian horse and that can achieve well at recreational as well as at high competitive levels.  


The breeding goals for sport horses focus on:
- Dressage 
- Combined driving
- Show driving


Points of departure for breeding sport horses:
A horse that moves with suppleness and elasticity and has an upward, long-lined build with powerful hindquarters presenting a stately appearance. The horse should possess accuracy at the walk, trot and canter (as described in Section 1 of the breeding objectives) all of which can be collected and extended without adversely affecting the purity of the gaits. The horse displays a regal bearing sufficient to provide a handsome impression. Typical of the Friesian horse is its character: a Friesian horse is cooperative, displays willingness and is intelligent. 
The horse is relaxed in its movements. It responds quickly to commands and allows itself to be driven/ridden on two reins with excellent working through. The horse retains its straightness, and its hind legs follow the tracks of its forelegs. The horse displays sufficient impulsion and possesses sufficient forward impulse. In addition to the points of departure listed here, the improvement of stamina, particularly with regard to combined driving, is of great importance. 
In general, the goals for breeding sport horses are intended to produce a Friesian horse that can achieve well at teh highest end of preliminary levels of equine sports. For dressage this is level 3, for combined driving this is class 3 and for show driving this is category 3. In relationship to the continuously increasing level of achievement by the Friesian horse in the preliminary level of equine sport, it is evident that the sports capacity of the Friesian horse is improving in all facets.