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New breeding values mares


The new breeding values for stallions and mares have been analysed. The breeding values for mares are again presented in three lists. The influence of the Preferent Beart 411 remains in full force in these top lists.
The list with the highest mares for exterior and sport aptitude is once again headed by Miranda v.d. Olde Mette Moate (Beart 411). New in place two we find the 4-year-old Crown mare Veronique (Beart 411), who last year made quite a high entry in the list of exterior mares. Another newcomer, in place four, is the 4-year-old Crown mare Tjitske fan Stal Bellefleur (Beart 411), who became Crown after an IBOP of over 80 points. And again new arrivals in places six and seven: Vièn fan ‘e Boerestreek and Twinka. End of last year they both were included in the Progeny Test of their sire Bartele 472. Both were bred from a Beart 411 daughter. Vièn has risen to Crown now and Twinka is Studbook. Her in-hand movement stood in the way of a higher predicate, but she compensated this with an ABFP Test of 82,5 (with 8,5 for trot). Vièn, with 83 points successful in the same ABFP Test, is now in Mexican hands.
For years on end the top list of breeding values exterior has been led by Wille fan Synaeda (Beart 411). In the combined list of exterior and sport aptitude Wille ranks in fifth place. The top 25 welcomes four 3-year-old newcomers. In place six we find Zaza van de Meikade (Alwin 469 x Pier 448). Half-sister Wende van de Zunne, Reserve Champion 3-year-olds at the CI, is in 14th place. The first-premium Star mare Wycke van Gorsveld (Hessel 480 x Beart 411) is in 17th place. The last newcomer in the top 25 is Crown mare Zus v/d Bokkefarm (Hessel 480 x Beart 411), we find her in place 23.
With Lolkje v.d. Maria Louise Hoeve (Pier 448 x Doaitsen 420) the list of low kinship mares has a new leader, but there are only few newcomers. The number two: Crown Sport mare Lieve van Dulve (Gjalt 426 x Felle 422) has a low kinship son Yannick van Dulve (Fabe 348) who is going to take part in the CE of 2019.
The comprehensive lists are available in the menu: Breeding - Mare surveys – Breeding values on the KFPS website. Breeding values of all mares are also accessible in MyKFPS.