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Phryso.com: the new platform for Friesian horses


The new website Phryso.com was launched during the Stallion Inspection. This new website is an initiative of the KFPS in cooperation with Media Primair Publishers who are in charge of design and content. Phryso.com really is the ultimate news platform for Friesian horses.
With 10,000 visitors from home and abroad on Saturday, the website was off to a flying start. The editors presented a live commentary of the inspection in text and images, in combination with Facebook. The website Phryso.com can also be accessed via KFPS.nl and is connected to the magazine Phryso. Phryso.com will be able to upload news really quickly for breeders and lovers of the Friesian breed and therefore is a perfect extension of the magazine. In the course of the year an English version of the website will go on the air as well. Those who don’t want to miss anything concerning Friesian horses go to Phryso.com!