KFPS Royal Friesian


Together in search of perfection


Grand Prix rider and Dutch Pas de Deux Champion Lisanne Veenje is preparing a performance for FRIESIAN PROMS on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th of January in unison with her Pas de Deux partner Wendy Okkema.
Lisanne Veenje has rather successfully put herself in the limelight recently. Together with her Friesian Exklusiv Wirdmer (Beart 411, Stbook name Wirdmer fan ‘e Boppelannen) she has ventured the transition to Grand Prix. With Wendy Okkema and Stal Okkema’s Eos (Olgert 445, Stbook name Eos van de Hondshoeve) Lisanne Veenje is going to treat the audience to a Pas de Deux during FRIESIAN PROMS. They have composed a new version of the test that won them the Dutch Champion Title in Ermelo last July. ‘We have selected new music and upped the degree of difficulty.’ She explains that riding a Pas de Deux is far more difficult than riding a Grand Prix test. ‘We must be totally focussed on each other because we want to synchronise the movements as best as possible. That means performing everything exactly at the same time and you can only do that when all the exercises are fully established’, she explains.
In addition to Wirdmer, Lisanne has a few more Friesians as well as some KWPN horses under saddle. ‘Obviously, Friesians look magnificent and are very impressive but yes, they also have the same degree of suppleness’, she finds. ‘They have very pleasant and workable personalities and by being alert yourself you can keep the Friesian horses just as alert.’