KFPS Royal Friesian


Bram Chardon & Danny Vera


Preparations for FRIESIAN Proms are in full swing. With performances by for example The Gibson Brothers, Hessel & Tess, Danny Vera and Mirusia Louwerse the line up is now complete. Of course there will be various acts with horses. Four-in-hand driver Bram Chardon will be there to give a show.
The amiable musician and singer-songwriter Danny Vera has his roots in Zeeland and Rock ’n Roll is running through his veins. His feel for music and personalised ‘Americana’ songs in the style of Elvis Presley, Roy Orbinson and Johnny Cash have great appeal. He performs his own songs as well as songs by artists such as Rihanna and Amy Winehouse in his own personal and recognisable style. In the arena Danny Vera will be accompanied by Lisanne Veenje, Wendy Okkema and four-in-hand driver Bram Chardon.
World Champion Four-in-hand Driving Bram Chardon calls it ‘incredibly cool’ to be in the show of FRIESIAN PROMS. ‘I have seen my father performing in this show. Such a huge audience and enthusiasm.’ Father IJsbrand Chardon is multiple World Champion Four-in-hand Driving. ‘Driving is in my genes and so is the Friesian horse. Jelmer Chardon is a second cousin of mine. For competitions I mainly work with KWPN horses as they’re more suited to the heavy work of the marathon. Along with that I also drive a two-in-hand team of Friesians owned by my sponsor. I’m hugely looking forward to driving a four-in-hand of Friesians at FRIESIAN PROMS.’
Ticket sales started in early September and a 10% member discount remains valid until the 31st of December. You can find your unique discount code on MyKFPS. For more information please visit www.faderpaard.nl.