KFPS Royal Friesian


Exclusive KFPS arrangement around Stallion Inspection


In close co-operation with the KFPS, Sailing Dutchman Events has put together an exclusive and very complete package around the Stallion Inspection of the Friesian Horse on Saturday, January 12, 2019.

Total experience
The arrangement, which starts on Tuesday 8 and ends on Tuesday 15 January, has been specially put together for guests from abroad. The emphasis is on a total experience of the Friesian Horse. Prior to the Grande Finale of the Stallion Selection on Saturday, the second and third round of viewing will be visited.

Visiting stables
But there is much more! We will make a daytrip to the beautiful island of Terschelling to visit a company that works with Friesian horses, and there will be a number of pre-sale VIP visits to renowned Friesian horse stables, such as Stal de Mersken, Stal Chardon and Henswoude Breeding and Export Stable. Naturally, a VIP visit to the Frisian Proms (with a choice of well-known Dutch artists) is part of the arrangement. Various other stables can be visited optionally, such as De Nieuwe Heuvel in Lunteren.
More information
If you would like more information about this special and exclusive package, please contact info@sailingdutchman.nl (www.sailingdutchman.nl)