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Three cheers for Harmina Holwerda


Harmina Holwerda and MGPNGP Mario fan Bokkum

Harmina Holwerda was the grand winner of the Young Horses at the European Championship Dressage for Friesian horses. No less than three times she carried off victory. The Heavy Tour found a great champion in Elias 494 with Peter Spahn.
In the preliminary rounds on Saturday Harmina Holwerda succeeded in qualifying as many as four horses for the finals on Sunday. With great skill she steered Vigo van der Wietze Star (Jasper 366) to victory in the 4-year-olds. Both the Champion of the 5-year-olds, Ruscherd fan Bokkum (Norbert 444), as well as the winner of the 6-year-olds, MGPNGP Mario fan Bokkum (Jasper 366, Studbook name Mario van de Poldersdijk), are stabled in the yard of their owners Sybren Minkema and Jolanda Schreuder. They are not only active in dressage sports under Harmina Holwerda but also compete in the in-harness work with Sybren and Jolanda.
In the 6-year-olds MGPNGP Mario fan Bokkum had a fierce competitor in Mees 497 (Tymon 456), ridden by Leonie Evink. Harmina Holwerda and Leonie Evink are riding colleagues at Jolanda Schreuder and Sybren Minkema’s yard. In the preliminary rounds Evink and Mees 497 came in first place but in the final they dropped to second spot. With a large margin, Ykje Baron won the 7-year-olds with Jitze fan Bronny Friesians Star (Thorben 466, Studbook name Jitze fan ‘e Tsjerkebuorren).

The final for the Subtop combinations consisted of a freestyle to music. Expert Bennie van Es got into the final with four horses. He won the ZZ-Heavy with Jetse fan Hickaerd Star Sport (Ulke 338), owned by Siri Øksnes from Norway. Light Tour Champion was Marsja Dijkman with Alfvera fan ‘e Beijemastate Crown Sport (Arjen 417), bred by Petra Hofma and Johan Kramer. In the Heavy Tour the Title was a prey for Peter Spahn with Elias 494 (Jorn 430).


Marc-Peter Spahn and Elias 494