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Fridse 423 passed away


This week 17-year-old Studbook stallion Fridse 423 died in the US. For this stallion, who initially seemed cut-out for a career in show driving, the route to his approval in 2005 at the age of four proved a bumpy road. In 2004 the Teunis 332 son fell short in Leeuwarden, aged three, while a year later at the First Viewing as well as the Second- and Third Viewings he twice had to depend on the Re-inspection Jury to get admitted to the Performance Test. This he passed with flying colours with over 80 points for his assessment in ridden- as well as in driven work. He achieved his highest scores – as his owners had expected – for show driving, partly also on account of his zest for work.
Fridse 423 was bred by the Ydema family from Wytgaard out of the Star Preferent Nammen 308 daughter Lobke Y. This Lobke Y. was an amazing broodmare. In addition to Fridse 423 she is also the dam of the one year older Bente 412 (Heinse 354), while Fridse's full brother Gabe, who´s one year younger, got as far as the Third Viewing and later when he had a stud license served breeding in Chile.
Judging by his Star percentage of nearly 50% his offspring did pretty well in the inspection ring. His fairly high percentage of offspring with markings stood in the way of even greater popularity. So far a total of 61 offspring have been declared Star, among them 3 daughters that can boast the Crown predicate. In 2008 Fridse 423 left for the United States where in the last couple of years he stood stud at the Michigan-based Friesian Connection of the De Boer family. In America, especially the devotees of a more Baroque type of Friesian horse remained faithful fans of Fridse 423 right until his death.

Photo: Cally Matherly