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Gonzales Horse Show & the Gibson Brothers


Faderpaard 2019 with the Stallion Inspection and FRIESIAN PROMS takes place in the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden from Thursday January 10th through to and including Saturday January 12th. The Thursday- and Friday evenings are all about FRIESIAN PROMS. Along with Hessel & Tess, Danny Vera and Mirusia Louwerse, the Gibson Brothers and the Gonzales Horse Show have now also been added to the line up.
Amazing talent and astonishing harmony, grace and partnership between man and horse. That is what the French artists Sélyne and Jérémy Gonzalez demonstrate with their horses in the Gonzales Horse Show. Meanwhile the pair have extended their activities across the French boundaries and are much in demand and highly praised for their modern, innovative style and light-footed cheerfulness of their performances. Their shows combine a variety of ingredients from various disciplines, such as freestyle, high equitation dressage, impeccable technique and their famous act The Dancing Horses with and without bridles. For FRIESIAN PROMS they are making an attempt at integrating a few local Friesian horses into the show!
For over 40 years the Gibson Brothers have been a household name for a vast audience and have earned a very special place in the international music scene. At our next FRIESIAN PROMS the Gibson Brothers are taking us back to the 80s and 90s. In 1976 the Gibson Brothers scored the first hit with their first single Come to America, which immediately hit the music charts with number one places in France and Italy. The following years brought even greater successes with hits like Non-stop dance, Cuba, Ooh what a life and their best success ever Que sera mi vida. Any performance by them is guarantee for a swinging experience. Party time guaranteed!
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