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Tymon 456 sold off to Sweden


The 12-year-old Tymon 456 has been sold to Aftonmora Friesians in Sweden. He will be standing stud in southern Sweden and be available for the entire Scandinavian market.
‘We had already been on the look-out for a suitable Studbook stallion for some time and Tymon 456 suits us perfectly. He is a modern sport stallion with exceptional qualities. He is a perfect match for the breeding objectives of Aftonmora Friesians’, Sandra Åhs Sivertsen of Aftonmora Friesians explains. Tymon 456 was born in J.C. Lenis’ stables in Bontebok, the son of Andries 415 out of Star Preferent Performance mare Helena L. (Leffert 306 x Dirk 298). Tymon 456 has one approved son: Mees 497.