KFPS Royal Friesian




On this Friday morning the Central Inspection kicked off with the foal categories on the outdoor grounds of the Fries Congrescentrum in Drachten. The best two foals of each category came back for the Champion inspection later on in the morning. In the colt category there were four contenders, which came down to a battle between two sons by Markus 491 and two sons by Alwin 469. Ingmar fan Bloemhof (Markus 491 x Stendert 447) owned by F. and J. Bloenhof was the one who carried off the Champion Title. 'We chose the foal with the smoothest trot. Ingmar is a long-lined foal with an active and ground-covering walk, demonstrating capacity for transitions and suppleness in trot with strong use of the hind leg’, Head of Jury Wil Thijssen comments. In place two came Gait (Markus 491 x Sipke 450) of Breeding Farm Snavelhof. Thijssen: ‘A good-looking, true-to-breed foal with an active and roomy walk. This morning he demonstrated a very good trot with fine self-carriage.’ Places three and four were for A. Hofkamps´s Ikk van de Zonnebloem (Alwin 469 x Uldrik 457) and Hearke fan 'e Ridderdijk (Alwin 469 x Wytse 462) owned by A. Duiven-Lettinga.

Six fillies returned to fight for the Title in the Champion ring. Declared Champion was Isabel Amarenske K. (Eise 489 x Jisse 433) who belongs to the Kruis family. Head of Jury Corrie Terpstra: ‘A foal breathing breed expression, a great front and a good top line. She walks with rhythm and good length of stride and her trot shows lots of posture, balance, suppleness and capacity for transitions. She also has good reach in front in the foreleg.’ Second in the line-up was Ina S.G. (Alwin 469 x Jasper 366), owned by S. Giliam. ‘A well-developed foal with lots of breed expression and front. She has an active and regular walk. In trot she moves with good self-carriage demonstrating balance and suppleness’, Corrie Terpstra explains. In places three to six we find Ilona Sandra K. (Bene 476 x Wytse 462) of the Kruis family, Gerbrecht van de Marne (Jehannes 484 x Norbert 444) owned by D. van Foeken, Harmke van 't Kempke (Jehannes 484 x Stendert 447) and Hobke v.d Peester Hoeve (Markus 491 x Norbert 444), both owned by J. Ekhart.