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Earlier editions of Phryso available online


The KFPS strives to maximise the availability of data for the members. There is an extensive database with all registered horses and inspection results are online accessible. It is now also possible to retrieve articles from earlier editions of Phryso, even as far back as the very first Phryso, which appeared in 1950.
This function is only available for members, who need to login before getting access. The desired key word can be entered in the ‘search bar’ on the website www.kfps.nl. The website will yield finds and number of hits of the key word under four different tabs. On the far right you will find ‘Phryso’ and when you click this tab all editions of Phryso will open the pages that list your key word. Next click on ‘download’ and you will immediately be directed to the page in question. From here it is always possible to view the whole edition.