KFPS Royal Friesian


Top Author Dan Brown Ambassador The Storm Rider


A good kilometre inward-bound in the north of New Hampshire (USA) the contours of Friesian horses are wonderfully silhouetted against the early light of dawn. The horses are part of Historic Runnymede Farm, a beautifully restored stud owned by top author Dan and his wife Blythe Brown. Dan Brown is an ambassador for The Storm Rider.
At Historic Runnymede Farm only Friesian horses can find a home and Blythe Brown is the driving force behind it all. Dan Brown: ‘Blythe originally comes from California and in her childhood used to ride on horseback in the desert. When a child she saw the picture of a Friesian horse and years later when she decided to pick up riding again here in New Hampshire she was adamant it should be one of those majestic Friesians.’
The author of, to name just one, the Da Vinci Code, instantly fell in love with the Friesian breed too. ‘This was the first horse I came across that didn´t frighten me. It made me think of a big Golden Retriever dog, a friendly puppy, when I was at the farm it would run up to me, lick my face and sniff. I am completely in love with this breed’, Dan Brown tells us. ‘Huge power, combined with an enormously gentle and spirited personality. Friesian horses work for you, fight for you but they’re also as gentle as you can wish them to be.’

In September Dan Brown and his wife Blythe will revisit the Netherlands. He has proudly accepted the invitation to be Ambassador of The Storm Rider and Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018. He is hugely looking forward to The Storm Rider, the major music- and theatre spectacle with one hundred predominantly Friesian horses starring in the main role. ‘I have talked about The Storm Rider to friends of mine who are in the film industry and they say: ‘What are they planning to do, work with one hundred horses? Live? That’s practically impossible.’ I’m so keen to be there to see for myself that it’s definitely possible.’