KFPS Royal Friesian


Support tool for stallion choice


When the stud season is on the horizon people are preoccupied with choosing stallions. Before making a final choice it’s key to consider the various options that are available.
1. On the website www.kfps.nl under the button MyKFPS (My Horses) inbreeding percentages can be calculated. Since 2014 inbreeding percentages are not only calculated within the usual 5 generations but also within 6 generations. For the time being the Studbook certificates of foals will list the inbreeding percentage within 5 generations. The KFPS advises to opt for pairings with inbreeding percentages (within 6 generations) lower than 5%.
2. The kinship percentages are also listed here. General advice is the lower the better.
3. You will also receive the estimated breeding value of your chosen combination. Breeding values are compiled on the basis of breeding type, conformation, legwork, walk and trot. No rights can be derived from these support tools.
4. Prevent (close) inbreeding to stallion Wessel 237 and his sons.
5. Always make sure the stallion keeper has been informed of the pedigree of the mare offered for insemination. In case the combination of your chosen stallion and your mare presents an increased risk of innate defects then the stallion keeper will advise you against this pairing.