KFPS Royal Friesian


Carrier status on the basis of lineage added to MyKFPS


Since last year all new Star mares and all mares with a registered foal are tested for hydrocephaly and dwarfism. Along with this, the status of all active Studbook stallions has been published. This change in policy is intended to fully exclude all risky matches.
The policy states that all mares whose direct parents, sire and dam, are non-carriers of both hydrocephaly and dwarfism are exempt from this DNA testing. For those horses (both stallions and dams) with a clear status based on lineage their status was made visible (for their owners) on My KFPS this week. The indication differentiates between horses that are non-carrier on the basis of executed DNA tests and those that are non-carrier based on lineage.
To be on the safe side, we will continue to test all stallions that are selected for the Central Examination, even in  case both parents are non-carriers.