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KFPS staff introductions


The organisation is held afloat by the KFPS staff and the general management. Any studbook needs good-quality staff for its day-to-day running. But who are these hardworking people pulling their weight in the wings?

Ids Hellinga
Since 2003 Ids Hellinga has been working fulltime for the KFPS. In his capacity of Director he has the overall lead within the Studbook office, with breeding and genetics being his special fields of attention. Consistent with his function of Director Ids is not continually present at his office in Drachten because he has to attend many duties elsewhere in the country. In the summer months he is a loyal visitor of studbook inspections and breeding days. Frequent visits to foreign inspections are also on his agenda as well as regular engagements as guest speaker at meetings and conferences.

Marijke Akkerman
Marijke Akkerman has been working for the KFPS since 2011. She is responsible for the PR/Communication side and the organisation of larger events such as the Central Inspection and Faderpaard. She is also part of the production teams of FRIESIAN PROMS and the theatre show ‘The Storm Rider’. Her list of duties include lines of communication to the members within and outside the country. Marijke is also the person to talk to in matters of sponsoring, such as advertisements in the various media, or regarding stands in the shopping village during the Stallion Inspection.

Nynke Bakker
Nynke Bakker has been on the KFPS team since 2004. She has fulfilled various functions but the financial department is her passion. Since 2012 she has been employed as Finance and HR Manager. She is in charge of all financial reports and compiles the Budget and Annual Account. Nynke maintains the financial contacts with larger parties and foreign associations. She monitors if all financial businesses and processes are rightfully conducted and verifies everything is done conform regulations, correct rates, budget and current VAT Regulations. Additional responsibilities are all duties relating to Inland Revenue. Her HR duties include the keeping up-to-date of contracts, salary administration and collective labour agreements. Nynke is also involved in the organisation of the Stallion Inspection and FRIESIAN PROMS.

Eveline van Kooten
Eveline van Kooten has been fulltime employed with the KFPS since 2004. Her main function is that of Secretary to the General Management. Additional responsibilities include applications and processing of DNA test results, she takes care of all aspects involved in progeny testing and ABFP Tests, processes the applications for Sport predicates and organises the Pavo Fryso Cup. She is also on the team that maintains the KFPS website, Facebook page and the English and Spanish newsletters. Besides all that she manages part of the foreign membership administration and assists in the organisation of the Stallion Inspection.

Greta de Boer
Greta de Boer has been employed by the KFPS since 1989 and her days in the office are Monday through to Wednesday. Greta runs the department that processes the daily flow of payments so that members can login to the MYKFPS portal to check the status of their invoices. Apart from this she keeps the accounts payable administration up-to-date and monitors that debtors from within and outside the country timely settle their invoices.

Annet Wouda
Annet Wouda has been connected to the KFPS since 2003 and works on Mondays and Thursdays. Annet is in charge of organising inspections and courses within and outside the Netherlands and is responsible for PR.

Ina van der Lei
Ina van der Lei joined the KFPS in 2002 and her main task is producing passports for newborn foals and processing all related registration forms. Ina is also responsible for issuing new registration papers to members after a mutation and handles all inspection results. Ina’s days in the office are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday morning and Friday.

Trijnie Duin
Trijnie Duin has also worked for the KFPS on a fulltime basis since1997. She is in charge of all stud service registrations and everything concerning  Studbook inspections and foal inspections. She is also partly responsible for the compilation of the Stallion Inspection- and Central Inspection catalogues, arranges the Central Examination and the IBOP. Two days a week she can be found at the reception desk.

Renie Koster
Renie Koster has worked for the KFPS since 1983. On Tuesdays and Thursdays she is in charge of the transfer of Studbook certificates and passports in the name of the new owners and the de-registration and processing of deceased horses. Renie is also responsible for the applications of duplicate Studbook certificates and duplicate passports.

Belinda van der Woude
Belinda van der Woude has been employed by the KFPS since 1997 where she works part time as a receptionist/switchboard operator on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Belinda deals with the post and email, looks after the membership administration, processes the certificates for newly awarded predicates, takes care of the collected DNA samples and is the contact person for members’ login of the website.

Anneke Bos
Four mornings a week Anneke Bos makes sure the Studbook office looks presentable. She arrives early in the morning to start work keeping the office in spic and span conditions. Along with this she renders light caretaker services such as replacing broken lighting bulbs. Anneke has been on the payroll of the KFPS since 1992.

Members of the KFPS Board and allocation of tasks
Bert Wassenaar-Chairman
Geralt PotsVice Chairman and Secretary and portfolio holder of YoungKFPS and Stichting Faderpaard
Peter Bazuijnen-Treasurer and portfolio holder Breeding Council
Detlef Elling-General Board member and portfolio holder Inspection
Sieneke Mekkes -General Board member and portfolio holder Sports Council