KFPS Royal Friesian


First EC a roaring success


The Stichting Kennis & Promotie Platform Fries Dressuurpaard (Foundation Knowledge & Promotion Platform Friesian Dressage Horse, ed.) has launched its first EC Subtop dressage for Friesian horses and a EC for young Friesian horses. The accommodation of Stud Bommelsteyn in Haskerhorne proved to be excellently suited for this two-day event.
Selection rounds for the 4-, 5-, 6- and 7-year-old horses were ridden on Saturday. The best combinations qualified for the finals on Sunday where they appeared at the start with a clean slate. Champion of the 4-year-olds was Suzanne Frijlink with the fantastic mover Pako van de Demro Stables (Tsjalle 454).
Harmina Holwerda rode a strong test with Mario fan Bokkum (Jasper 366) and was honoured as Champion 5-year-olds. Harmina Holwerda: ‘Mario is a talented, hardworking horse who moves with great suppleness. In the summer Sybren Minkema and Jolanda Schreuder start him in driven work, then at the end of the show driving season I resume his training under saddle.’
In the 6-year-olds Judith Pietersen with Limited Edition (Uldrik 457) and Ykje Baron with Jitze fan Bronny Friesians (Thorben 466) were hot on each other’s tails. Both received a score of 73,52%, but the ex aequo rules assigned the title to Judith Pietersen. ‘I could feel my rivals breathing down my neck’, Judith laughs. I really had to ride at cutting-edge in the finals.’ The title in the 7-year-olds went to Jeanet Dam with Gijsbert JD (Tsjalke 397).

In the Subtop the Saturday results were incorporated in the final outcome. The freestyle to music took place on Sunday. In the ZZ Heavy there was victory for Esther Liano and Stal Liano’s Thijs (Beart 411). Bennie van Es claimed the first position in the Light Tour with the 8-year-old Dorian van Soma (Olgert 445). In the Heavy Tour it was Melanie Mouthaan who could line up for the title with Wilke-C van de Wijdewormer (Fabe 348).