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Ticket sales Faderpaard 2018 off to a good start


The ticket sales for Faderpaard 2018 have taken off quite well, with many people cashing in on the extra 25% member discount. In the first week sales have gone up by over 1400 tickets compared to last year, which brings the first week’s total to far above 3000. Within a fortnight the VIP gallery was as good as sold out.
Anyone interested in tickets for the VIP gallery will be placed on a waiting list. There are still some VIP arrangements available for the Thursday evening FRIESIAN PROMS. For this, please get in touch with the KFPS (info@faderpaard.nl).
Faderpaard 2018 takes place in the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden from Thursday January 11th to Saturday January 13th. Of course all days revolve around these Friesian pearls, with on Thursday the Second Viewing of the young stallions. The Friday hosts the finals of the Friesian Talent Cup, various show driving classes, clinics and the Third Viewing of young stallions. On Saturday the stage is taken over by the Studbook stallions.
Both Thursday- and Friday evening are completely dedicated to the musical concert FRIESIAN PROMS with performances from, to name a few, Italian singer Alessandro Safina, Douwe Bob, Belinda Vermeer, Elske de Wall and not to forget, a lead role for the Friesian horse. Quite a novelty in the world of horse acts is French stunt man Gilles Fortier. More information is available on www.faderpaard.nl. The 10% discount for KFPS members will be valid until 31 December. You can find your unique discount code in MYKFPS or via ticketpoint (+31)- (0)900-90008000 (45ct p/m).