KFPS Royal Friesian


Muscleman Mees 497 steals the show


Under the name Mees van Rijnwoude (Tymon 456) this stallion managed to win both the Friesian Talent Cup and the Pavo Fryso Cup Dressage Aptitude for 4-year-old stallions and geldings in the previous year. Re-christened Mees 497, he again demonstrated his amazing talent for dressage work by winning this year’s class for 5- and 6-year-olds as well.
Mees 497 was presented by Leonie Evink. ‘If Mees 497 succeeds to uphold this outstanding mentality, forward-go and sharpness I can see him get really far in dressage sports’, says guest rider Jean-René Luijmes.
Ruscherd fan Bokkum (Norbert 444) under Harmina Holwerda was undoubtedly Jean-René Luijmes’ favourite in the class for 4-year-old stallions and geldings. ‘He has everything a good sports horse needs. You can feel so much power and go combined with nimbleness and great capacity for transitions’, Luijmes states.
In the class for 4-year-old mares Studbook mare Rinske S. (Teeuwis 389) with Anke Kuppens proved to be the most talented. ‘This mare with her go and superb trainability is a real delight’, enthuses guest rider Femke Beljon. Star mare Oukje fan it Hiem (Tsjalle 454) under Laura Roling triumphed in the class for 5- and 6-year-old mares. Femke Beljon: ‘She is already very well-trained, moves with a lot of go and shows very good rideability. That’s what we like to see.’

Driving- and show driving aptitude
Because of the bad outdoor surface conditions the Pavo Fryso Cup Driving Aptitude had to be rescheduled to the Thursday morning. Merely three stallions/geldings appeared at the start and Lodewijk van Hilberalti (Maurus 441) with Susan Bouwman prolonged the title he had also won the year before. In the mares´ class the winner was Sietske van Diphoorn (Tsjalle 454), also driven by Susan Bouwman.
The final of the Pavo Fryso Cup Show Driving Aptitude for mares proved a win for Crown mare Swaen fan ‘e Miedepleats (Alwin 469) with Henk Hammers. ‘Swaen is a proper power machine. In the beginning she dropped her nose a little behind the vertical but as she progressed in the competition this improved’, said jury member Piet Hoekstra. In the class for stallions and geldings it was Sierd K. (Dries 421) with Udo de Haan who secured the title. Hoekstra: ‘A wonderful show driver with strong use of the hind leg. He makes a fine front and presents a nice uphill frame.’