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Model mare Elza Maaike claims Champion Title


With her charismatic trot Pieter and Tiety Okkema’s Model mare Elza Maaike v.d. Noeste Hoeve (Norbert 444 x Rik 396) commanded success at the Central Inspection. In doing so she relegated 3-year-old Trees van de Marne (Tsjalle 454) to the Reserve Title.
At the halt a little disclaimer about Elza Maaike would be justified. The slightly long top line could show a bit more strength and for the overall picture the foreleg could have a bit more length. But this doesn’t affect her movement in the slightest. Head of Jury Harrie Draaijer: ‘As soon as Elza Maaike starts moving something happens. She then upgrades herself enormously and her shortcomings in conformation evaporate. She has a strong walk and the trot is simply phenomenal. All day long right to the very end the mare moved with such strength and power that there was just no way of getting around her.’
Earlier that afternoon Reserve Champion Trees van de Marne had received the honours for being the best 3-year-old mare. ‘Trees is a classy appearance with loads of technique in trot’, Harrie Draaijer points out. Proclaimed Reserve Champion of the 3-year-olds was Veerle fan StarKing (Tsjalle 454 x Tsjitse 387). In the category 3-year-old mares 47 horses were presented to the Jury. Of these, 23 were pronounced Preliminary Crown and one Permanent Crown.
Champion of the 4- to 6-year-old mares was Pauline B. (Alwin 469 x Nykle 309) who impressed with her strong trot. The Reserve Title went to Sinne van Stal Lagevoort (Beart 411 x Andries 415). The battle for the Champion Titles of the 7 years and older mares was decided between two Model mares. Elza Maaike v.d. Noeste Hoeve proved to be the best and Caja Moeskaer (Loadewyk 431 x Leffert 306) pocketed the Reserve Title.

From the group of fifteen mares invited to the Model declaration there were thirteen who actually managed to secure this highest of exterior predicates:
Goedele van de Demro Stables (Pier 448)
Elisabeth M. (Andries 415)
Diamant Tr. van de Sprong (Andries 415)
Iemke van Diphoorn (Norbert 444)
Gwen D.A.W. (Michiel 442)
Izzy M. (Haitse 425)
Gezina van Lapinenburg (Maurus 441)
Fenne v.d. Schuppestraat (Jisse 433)
Beitske van ’t Oostende (Jerke 434)
Fraucke fan de Greidpleats (Maeije 440)
Hailey van der Vaart (Norbert 444)
Gerbrich fan it Nylân (Tsjalke 397)
Elke K. (Meinse 439).

Unfortunately, weather conditions and the state of field surfaces forced the organisation to relocate the youngster classes to the indoor arena. With ten out of the twelve presented yearlings being Jehannes 484 offspring, the yearling class practically represented a progeny test for Jehannes 484. Four of these Jehannes offspring reached the Champion inspection. The Overall Youngster Championship was claimed by Zarina fan Oostenburg (Norbert 444 x Beart 411) who was also chosen best 2-year-old. Best yearling Bente fan Bloemhof (Jehannes 484 x Ulke 338) made Overall Reserve Youngster Champion. The Reserve Title in the yearling class was for Brechtsje fan de Lege Geaën (Jehannes 484 x Fabe 348) and in the 2-year-old class this title went to Yara ût de Grachten (Alwin 469 x Stendert 447).
Champion in the colt category was Ewout K. (Omer 493 x Jasper 366) with Dina (Nane 492 x Beart 411) making Champion in the filly category.