KFPS Royal Friesian




Today the word got out that the owners of Siert 499, approved in December last, have decided to withdraw their stallion from active stud service. From the beginning of the stud season the stallion´s success rate with respect to impregnating mares has been unsatisfactory and only a limited number of mares have become pregnant. 
Research at the Veterinarian Clinic in Utrecht has recently shown his microscopic values (TNB, morphology and motility) are in fact in good order, but some anomalies were found in the DNA in the semen. The prognosis states that no improvement can be expected. In consultation with stallion station De Mersken  where Siert 499 stood stud, the decision was made to withdraw the stallion from active stud service. To prevent misunderstandings, it has been made clear that the anomalies found in the DNA are only of influence on the impregnation itself and have no effect on the foals that will be born next spring. 
Siert 499 has successfully been launched in the sport and his career in the sport will be continued.