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Party time for DFZ and DFF!


The foreign associations are an integral part of the KFPS and this year two of these daughter associations have an anniversary to celebrate: the Dansk Frieser Forbund (Denmark, 30 years) and the Deutsche Friesenpferde-Züchter (Germany, 25 years).
The Dansk Frieser Forbund (DFF) was founded in 1987 and has steadily grown in these 30 years. DFF Chairman Morten Larsen: ‘In 1987 a small group of keen owners decided to found our association’, Larsen says. ‘There weren’t any more than 25 Friesian horses in our country in those days, but over the years their numbers have grown to an estimated 1,300 Friesian horses. Membership numbers have risen to around 300 which puts the DFF in fifth place on the list of foreign associations.
With over 1,100 members the German Friesenpferde-Züchter (DFZ) ranks second. Hans-Jürgen Bothmer has been Chairman of the DFZ since early 2016 and the association is now getting prepared for its 25th jubilee. The DFZ comprises five regions and every year seven breeding days are organised across Germany. In addition, each region organises several other activities. The DFF organises two breeding days per year along with the IBOP and various clinics.

A jubilee calls for celebrations and that’s just what the DFZ and DFF are planning to do with gusto. The DFZ has decided to throw a family party at the Training Centre in Luhmühlen on September 10th. ‘In the afternoon the central arena will host a comprehensive show programme. In the adjoining ring a variety of other sport activities will take place, such as the IBOP, the pre-selection rounds for the Pavo Fryso Cup Dressage Aptitude, driving classes and the final of the DFZ Friesenpferdecup Nord. The inspection of Region North will take place at the same time. We’re really looking forward to offering our members and other guests a fantastic day of festivities’, Bothmer tells us.
The DFF is celebrating its jubilee during the weekend of the 12th and 13th of August. Larsen: ‘This weekend of festivities will offer a combination of inspections, various competitions and a mixed show. We’re looking forward to welcoming many guests from abroad to celebrate the event with us.’