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Employment of Inspection by Studbook under construction


During the extra meeting of the Member Council in Putten on Friday evening March 24th  the members have indicated to support the Board’s suggestion to take inspectors in part-time employment. This is the result of the shared concern regarding quality development of the Inspection as well as the continuity for the future.
In the current situation too many inspection-related tasks (policy development, reports, etc.) as well as monitoring of judging processes must be carried out by the Direction. This gives rise to the undesirable public perception that the autonomy of Jury- and Inspection decision making could be at risk. Taking this line of thought further into the future implies that the knowhow of breeding and genetics should also be assigned to the body of Inspection. This plan will be worked out in more detail. Partly based on an analysis of bottlenecks experienced in the past such as the recent departure of Bauke de Boer and Luciel Ellens, (a delegation of) the Member Council will be involved in the development of this plan. After the plan and corresponding (potential) Regulation amendments have been established in one of the next meetings of the Member Council, steps will be taken to fill the vacancy on the basis of a profile.
During the same meeting the Board raised the matter of the approval of Siert 499. The Board insists that it does not lie within the Board’s jurisdiction to interfere with the qualitative considerations regarding the approval of stallions, and this includes white markings. The authority do to so lies with the Stallion Inspection Jury. Even so the Member Council feels that this was an incorrect decision and urgently requests a clear-cut specification of inspection policy regarding white markings before the start of the next inspection season. The Inspection has already started to work this out and their findings will soon be published in Phryso.